Listings – 6/22/2004


Bad news: It appears that we are all permanently stuck in an ’80s musical time warp. First, there was all the electroclash stuff, then the not-really-electroclash, but new electro artists followed. And now we are at the point where resurrecting the original ’80s gangstas seems like a smart idea. Alexander Robotnick, an Italian who made his robotic disco mark back in the days of big hair, has been excavated from a modern wormhole where he was making world music and told to come back to the past. Because that’s the future. Or something. Robotnick plays live for his first-ever U.S. appearance to promote his new CD. With John Selway’s Memory Boy band also performing live. – Thursday @ 10, Coral Room, 512 W 29th, 212.244.1965

Drum’n’bass used to be the “future,” and while it isn’t regarded as being the most cutting-edge genre anymore, it’s at least from a more recent past. One of the best, Marcus Intalex, brings his smooth, soulful sound to DIRECT DRIVE, where hopefully the young and pumped-up crowd will appreciate the less scary d’n’b, understanding that Jack once had a groove. – Saturday @ 10, Rare, 416 W 14th, 212.613.0900

DJ Rekha and her posse were so far ahead of the Bollywood craze they should get an honorary plaque and a lotta money. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a Bollywood committee, so we’ll do the honorary part here (they’re on their own with the money). The BASEMENT BHANGRA parties are the longest running of their kind in the city—perhaps even the country. Rekha takes tasty bhangra beats and other East Asian flavors and deftly weaves them into modern music—hip-hop, house, breaks. We wonder if Jay-Z ever went to one of these bashes? Hmmm. With partner in bhangra Eddie Stats. – Thursday @ 7, SOB’s, 200 Varick, 212.252.2392