Long Island Man Stabs Former Flame 13 Times, Self Four Times. Everybody Lives.


Here’s a love story with a (somewhat) happy ending: A Long Island man is recovering from multiple stab wounds after he stabbed himself four times yesterday afternoon. But that was only after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend 13 times.

But here’s what’s makes the story less tragic than it probably could have been: The suspect, 46-year-old Ruben Estrada, kinda sucks at stabbing people; both he and his ex survived the attacks and are in stable — but critical — condition at a hospital near Massapequa.

According to authorities, the 25-year-old victim agreed to meet Estrada
at a parking lot at 943 Carmans Road in Massapequa, presumably to talk about their

There was little talking — witnesses told police that
when the victim got to the lot, Estrada got in her car and attacked her,
stabbing her 13 times and punching her repeatedly.

Several witnesses intervened and got the victim out of the car — and away from Estrada.

Estrada, however, wasn’t done slicin’ and dicin’ — authorities say he then stabbed himself four times in the chest.

Both Estrada and the victim were taken to local hospitals, where they remain in the aforementioned conditions.

he doesn’t croak, Estrada will be charged with second-degree attempted
murder, first-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment, and possession of a
dangerous weapon.