M.I.A.’s “The Truff”: Releases Lynn Hirschberg Diss Track, Didn’t Order Truffled French Fries


Like Courtney Love before her, M.I.A. has responded to a less than kind Lynn Hirschberg profile — Love’s in Vanity Fair and M.I.A.’s in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine — the only way she knows how: angry music. Love’s band Hole had the bootleg “Bring Me the Head of Lynn Hirschberg,” and now, via her blog, Maya comes with “I’m a Singer.” (Sample lyric: “Why the hell would journalists be thick as shit/ Cause lies equals power equals politics” and later, “You’re a racist/ I wouldn’t trust you one bit.”)

But this isn’t just about politics; it’s about honor. And french fries.

Along with the track — which kind of bangs — M.I.A. also supplies two audio clips of an interview between herself and the New York Times reporter, under the headline “here’s the TRUFF,” just to set the record straight:

In her piece, Hirschberg writes that M.I.A. “studied the menu, deciding on a glass of wine and French fries,” and then quotes the singer: “‘I kind of want to be an outsider,’ she said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry.” But if M.I.A.’s own secret audio is to be believed, it was the reporter who insisted on ordering the bourgie fries, which we hear are gross anyway.

I’m a singer
Never said anything else
I didn’t lie to you
Thinking of somebody else

Your move, Lynn.