Make Way For Drag Star Dallas Dubois


Fresh blood on the drag scene is so rare that we must throw ticker parades whenever there’s a new queen in town — like Dallas Dubois, the young lovely whom I saw do a high-kickin’ set at Boots & Saddle the other night.

Ms. Dubois (who’s also gone by the monicker Madonna Manson) most notably lipsynchs a version of “Get Here” with raunchy-assed lyrics that are crude yet amusing. (Check out the YouTube video from last year, though I should warn you that the the camerawork is wobblier than an old queen’s dentures).

At Boots, an audience member was so carried away by Dubois’ performance that he tipped her with a coupon for a Subway sandwich. When Dubois realized it was only for a six-incher, she flung it right back in his face.

A real star!