Ten Best Masturbation OnlyFans Content Creators of 2023


There is something so satisfying and sexy about watching somebody who can make themselves cum. Whether it is girls rubbing their clits and fingering their tight holes, or guys jerking off and cumming everywhere that floats your boat, there are OnlyFans masturbation videos and photos on almost every content creator’s page that you will most certainly enjoy.

So, how did we pick the best OnlyFans masturbation profiles of 2023? It wasn’t easy! It took hours of dedicated searching, clicking through pages and pages of college girls touching themselves through their white cotton panties, MILFs getting out their most powerful vibrators, and powerful men stroking themselves into oblivion. It was hard work, but somebody had to do it. The following are our top ten picks for the best masturbation OnlyFans pages this year.

Best Masturbation OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Masturbation OnlyFans Accounts of 2023


Best 10 Masturbation OnlyFans

#1. The Godmother of Masturbation –  Best Masturbation OnlyFans Page for Free


  • Tip for content
  • Special treats for rebills
  • 60+ media files and life streams
  • Free to subscribe

Where to follow:

About The Godmother of Masturbation:

We had to start our best OnlyFans masturbation list with the creator who calls herself the Godmother of Masturbation! This hot young thing is a professional cam girl who loves to get wet and spicy on tape. She does not say much on her OnlyFans profile page, but we did some digging and found a little more info.

This curvy little minx likes to do fully nude videos featuring fingering her pussy and ass, and she even lets livestream viewers control her vibrating panties. You can see her doing POV squats over the camera to imagine what it would look like for her to sit on your face. Watch her do a squirt show or see her oil up her big round ass and twerk on the balcony, where anybody could see! She also gets off in the shower, in the bath, and even on the countertop. There are dildos, butt plugs, and more in her content.

This account is free to subscribe to, but all content is locked. Just tip her $20 to get access. Turning on your rebill settings for her page will get you special treats, directly to your inbox.


#2. Kitty Catharsis – Hottest Anal Masturbation Vids


  • Vaginal and anal masturbation
  • Findom/humiliation content
  • 260+ media files
  • $4.99 per month

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About Kitty Catharsis:

Kitty is a redhead California girl who posts NSFW nudes, OnlyFans masturbation content, and even anal masturbation for your pleasure. Her page also features partnered content in photo and video form. She is a hardcore babe who is into findom and humiliation chats, so go ahead and get to know her through her DMs, she will get you off as she puts you down where you belong.

To get into Kitty’s good books, you better send her a gift from her wish list. Maybe a sex swing, a thrusting dildo, or some sexy restraints will put her in a good mood. You can also send her a tip, and she will be certain to look upon you favorably.


#3. Dasani Waterz – Wettest Squirting Masturbation Content


  • Squirting content
  • Masturbation videos
  • 40+ pics and videos
  • Free to subscribe

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About Dasani Waterz:

When you subscribe to the beautiful Dasani Waterz’s page for free, you have the chance to watch her play with her pussy in some of the best OnlyFans masturbation videos online. She has squirting content, full sex tapes, and offers all kinds of services to her most loyal subs, including dick rates and detailed jack off instructions. Chatting with Dasani is fun, because she always answers within 24 hours and never leaves you on read. Join now to see why she is one of the top rated OnlyFans masturbation models on our list.


#4. Kristen Hancher – Best Masturbation and Dildo Sucking Page  


  • Masturbation videos
  • Role play and foot content
  • 700+ media files
  • $14.99 per month

Where to follow:

About Kristen Hancher:

Kristen Hancher’s OnlyFans masturbation content is top tier. Watch her stroke and play with her tight pussy and spread it open for the camera. She also has hundreds of pics and videos featuring girl/girl sex tapes, blow job porn, foot fetish content, and dildo sucking. You will not be able to get enough of this slim, blonde LA babe and everything she can do. Best of all, you have the option to join Kristen’s page for free for a limited time.


#5. Deni – Most Fun Masturbator on OnlyFans


  • Daily posts
  • Sex and masturbation content
  • 680+ media files
  • $6 per month

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About Deni:

Deni loves to play with her subscribers, creating custom content, rating cocks, and posting incredible daily content. When you join her page you get to see her having sex, masturbating, and playing with toys in and out of sexy lingerie. She will chat with all of her fans one-on-one, and gives rewards to her most active subscribers. Support this gorgeous girl by sending her tips and subbing to her page, and she will be most grateful.


#6. Paige – Cutest College Masturbation Pro


  • Real college girl
  • Masturbation content
  • 950+ pics and videos
  • $9.99 per month

Where to follow:


Paige is a cute young college babe with a sweet little ass and small but perky tits. Her page does not say much, but we put it on our best masturbation OnlyFans list because she says she is “trying to make it through school by masturbating one day at a time”. We should all dig deep in our pockets and help a gal out, don’t you think? Support her future by watching her fuck herself hard with her fingers and dildos, see her play with her clit, and enjoy her cute young body as she earns a living doing what she does best.

Paige has linked to her throne wish list, so you can also buy her some fun gifts, like a fun handheld clit stimulator, yoga shorts, sexy cosplay outfits, or you can even buy her a gift card to Taco Bell or Chipotle. You choose the kind of treat you send her.


#7. Your Aria Next Door – Most Incredible Nude and Masturbation Page


  • Full nude masturbation
  • Dirty talking
  • 550+ media files
  • $14.99 per month

Where to follow:


Tasha, AKA Aria, is an exotic looking slut who is always down to have fun with fans of her OnlyFans masturbation page. She is a highly active content creator who is online often, chatting with her subs and replying to every DM she receives. Her content is some of the best OnlyFans masturbation around, with hardcore dirty talk designed to make you cum in seconds. She gets fully nude and plays with her pussy while saying some of the most lewd things you can imagine. Send her a DM now and she promises to show you something special.


#8. Firefighter Masturbator – Hottest Male Jerk Off Content


  • Jerk off videos
  • Buff firefighter sex tapes
  • Dirty talk
  • $5.05 per month

Where to follow:


We couldn’t make a list of the best masturbation OnlyFans pages without including at least one guy! Firefighter masturbator is a strong, muscular man who knows how to use his hose. He only charges $5 for his subs to watch all of his content, which includes firefighter fantasy play, videos of fucking, and, of course, jerk off videos. Send him a DM to chat, or just watch and enjoy him pleasure his nude body on camera.


#9. Tania Leakes – Best Toy Play and Masturbation in Public


  • Multiple daily uploads
  • Solo squirting content
  • 1.1K pictures and videos
  • $6.99 per month

Where to follow:


Tania Leakes is a college brat who loves to play with herself, uploading new content two or more times every single day. She is always on her page, posting toy play with clit stimulation and dildo action, stripping and nude twerking clips, solo squirt tapes, and freaky public dares and public masturbation vids.

Send Tania a request for her next video and she just may do what you want, or meet up with her online for one-on-one conversations about whatever comes up. She also books sexy Facetime slots if you want to see her in real-time and show her what you are working with. If you join, make sure you turn on your rebill because she will send you free full-length videos when the mood strikes.


#10. Sophie Silk – Sexiest Close Up Masturbation Videos and Photos


  • Photos and videos uploaded daily
  • Solo masturbation and fingering
  • 850+ media files
  • $7.99 per month

Where to follow:


There are a lot of reasons why Sophie Silk is on our best OnlyFans masturbation list. She posts often, she is super hot, and she masturbates all the time. On the bed, in the shower, in the great outdoors, wherever the mood strikes she is touching herself, fingering her pussy, and showing off her body in her sensual photos and videos, which are uploaded daily.

Sophie also does stripteases, gives blowjobs, fucks men, has sex outdoors, gets fully nude with closeups of her pussy and asshole, and makes all kinds of homemade porn for her subs to watch. She is always thinking of new ways to please and entertain her fans, making her a fun follow.


OnlyFans Masturbation FAQ’s

What Does Fingering Mean?

When you are talking about sex, fingering is what it is called when a person puts their fingers inside themselves or another person with the purpose of sexual gratification. The term is usually used to describe manually stimulating the pussy with fingers, but can also be used for the asshole, and even the mouth.

The word “fingering” is not always a sexual term though, you may hear it in reference to playing a musical instrument, or even “giving the finger” or putting the middle finger up as an insult. If you are not sure how to use this term correctly, it is best to wait and find out the appropriate context, or you may imply something dirty that you did not mean!

Do Girls Usually Touch Themselves?

Yes. It’s true. Although they may not admit it, most girls start masturbating in their early teens, much like boys. It is normal to explore your body, and when something feels good, you will want to do it over and over. As long as it is done in appropriate places and at appropriate times, masturbating is okay to do, and may even be good for your mental health. And, as you have seen in the OnlyFans masturbation pages we have linked to above, they can get really good at it!

Is Anything on OnlyFans Illegal?

It depends on where you live and the laws surrounding pornography. The terms of use on OnlyFans were designed with a UK audience in mind, so everything on the site will be legal in most of Europe and North America, where nudity, sex acts, and other forms of adult, consenting pornography (like OnlyFans masturbation) is allowed.

If things like underage content of any kind, weapons and violence, nonconsensual porn, escort services, or any other illegal acts are shown (or even discussed) on an OnlyFans page, the creator will be banned. Illegal content is not allowed, and accounts are regularly monitored to ensure things stay on the up and up.

Do You Get Paid Immediately on OnlyFans?

The length of time it takes for payment to hit your bank account depends on where you live. OnlyFans is a UK-based site that takes 20% off the top of your earnings, something to remember when you set your prices. The remaining 80% goes into your “pending balance” account on the platform, which is then transferred into your “current balance”, and once it is there, you can request a payout or wait and set up automatic withdrawals daily, weekly, or monthly.

Your earnings are not eligible for withdrawal until the money has been in your account for 8 days, to ensure everything clears properly, and there is a minimum withdrawal of $20. If you are not in the UK, additional processing time will be required, so expect to wait a while for that cash to show up in your checking account.

Can you Screen Record OnlyFans Masturbation Videos?

It is not advised to try and screen record your favorite OnlyFans masturbation videos, or any other content on the platform, for that matter, especially if you plan on sharing it with others online. This is because you may be taking earnings away from the hard working creators who planned, filmed, edited, and posted the content.

It is illegal to repost anything from OnlyFans that you did not personally create. This is called Copyright Infringement, and they will be able to take legal action if you post their content elsewhere. It is a lot of work making even simple-looking sex tapes, and to record and re-post it is stealing potential earnings directly from them.

Technically, it is not illegal to take a screenshot of their pics or screen record clips, as long as it is only for personal use, and you do not share it with anybody else.

How Much Do You Have to Make to be in the Top 10% of OnlyFans?

Because there are millions of OnlyFans creators, the goal post for top percentages of creators is constantly moving so it is difficult to give an exact number. Recent estimations put the top ten creators as making over $1000 USD per month or more. The percentages are not solely based on earnings, though, they are also based on the number of interactions and transactions made on a person’s page.


There you have it, our top ten picks for the best masturbation OnlyFans pages of 2023. Of course, there are probably thousands more content creators out there who are currently touching themselves on live streams, stuffing themselves with dildos, or selling full length videos on their PPV page of squirting GIFs and clit vibration videos, and we say the more, the merrier. All we know is that we enjoyed watching these ten OnlyFans masturbation pros get busy with themselves as we watched, and we hope you did too!


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