New York GOP Owes Assemblyman Vito “Gropez” Lopez A Thank You For His Alleged Pervy-ness


New York Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox has issued three statements in the past 24 hours — which is three more than he’s issued in the past two weeks — each of which references shamed Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s pervy-ness.

In each statement, Cox seems outraged that Lopez allegedly is a dirty, dirty old man who sexually harasses his young, female staffers. But Cox shouldn’t be outraged, he should be elated — Lopez has single-handedly provided New York Republicans a somewhat valid response to Democratic claims that the GOP is waging a “war on women.”

For example, what does Lopez’s pervy-ness have to do with Syracuse Mayor and state Democratic co-chair Stephanie Miner? Not a whole lot — but that’s not gonna stop Cox from attempting to link Lopez’s pervy-ness to some “incendiary” remarks made by the mayor.

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During a speech at a Democratic rally in Syracuse last week, Miner called the Republican party “a party of hatred that wraps up their
hatred in clever 30-second sound bites” while bashing the party on issues like abortion and gender equality under the Democratic narrative
that the GOP hates women.

There’s an old saying about stones and glass houses, the spirit of which Cox immediately pounced on.

“Syracuse Mayor and state Democratic co-chair Stephanie Miner’s divisive attack on Republicans yesterday, calling the GOP ‘a party of hatred that wraps up their hatred in clever 30-second sound bites,’ is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated, especially considering the circumstances,” Cox says in a statement.

The statement goes on to say, “Miner’s harsh attack on Republicans follows the recent sexual harassment settlement scandal involving Democrats Vito Lopez and Sheldon Silver.”

In another statement, issued today, Cox again brings up Lopez’s pervy-ness to deflect charges that the Republican Party is
anti-women — he even adopted the Dems’ “war on women” mantra.

“It is deeply disappointing that New York Democrats in Charlotte, like U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, have remained utterly silent about the attempted sexual assault cover-ups perpetrated by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Indeed, Mr. Silver is serving as the head of the New York delegation at the Democratic National Convention, without a peep from Ms. Gillibrand or her fellow delegates. That is an embarrassment to our state.

“While Ms. Gillibrand has continued to promulgate the term ‘War on Women,’ it appears the only ‘War on Women’ in Albany is against female Assembly staff members.

“Mr. Silver has established a clear pattern of covering up sexual crimes committed against female staff members by his political colleagues. He must not be allowed to remain Speaker. I urge New York Democrats — especially those like Ms. Gillibrand, who purport to stand up for women, to join me in calling on Mr. Silver to step aside as Speaker.

“Continued silence from the Democratic delegation in Charlotte is unacceptable.”

The outrage — as phony as it may seem — is adorable, and all, but let’s be honest: Vito Lopez being a huge pervert is probably one of the
best things that’s happened to Ed Cox in a long, long time.