Now Hiring: Rich Families, Stadium Opportunists, Fox


OK, kids. Time to put on your thinking caps. What chef has three restaurants in New York, at least one dog and one child, lives or works out of Tribeca, and is looking for a personal assistant?

An “Upscale-Casual Contemporary American Restaurant” is currently looking for a pasty cook. These guys toil away in windowless basements, so it might be hard to narrow it down.

Park Slope is getting an organic vegetarian take-out place, which needs some cooks.

A new wine bar thing on Ludlow is looking for “enthusiastic individual” and starting interviews tomorrow.

If it is your dream to have Gordon Ramsay and a camera crew from Fox come into your restaurant to do a version of Nanny 911, but with a lot more verbal abuse, well, this is your big moment. Kitchen Nightmares is looking for restaurants with, perhaps, horrible communication problems or whose food costs are too high to survive. Lucky you.

Prospect Heights, or should we say “THE UP AND COMING PROSPECT HIEGHTS NIEGHBORHOOD; WHICH IS SOON TO BE HOME OF THE NEW BROOKLYN STADIUM” is getting a new pizza place. The owners are looking for a chef to design the concept.

In further Prospect Heights news, Aliseo Osteria is in need of a sous chef.

The Mudspot is looking for a cook who can bake and is interested in the world of “Caffeine Sunshine.” We love this place because it feels like college. If you went to Oberlin.

Five Front is hiring cooks.

Peter Hoffman is looking for cooks at Back Forty. Perhaps it’s you who can take the place from serviceable to crave-able?

An Upper West Side family is looking for a private chef who loves making organic baby food and throwing fancy dinner party, and also doing the dishes.

Red Mango is ready to take New York. They’re hiring in the Village, Midtown, and Flushing.