Patrick Mitchell Tried to Burn Down Ex-Girlfriend’s Apartment Twice in 24 Hours


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then get arrested for two counts of arson.

That’s the formula 43-year-old Patrick Mitchell followed in his attempt to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s apartment — after failing to do so on Monday, he gave it another shot on Tuesday. He was then arrested.

Mitchell, of the Bronx, has been hit with two counts of second-degree arson and burglary for his two failed attempts to torch his girlfriend’s Long Island apartment.

According to Nassau County police, Mitchell went to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment on Gaffing Place just
before 6 a.m. Monday and set fire to the front door.

crews showed up in time to stop the blaze, which caused damage to the
hallway and door, but didn’t damage the interior of the apartment.

At about
4 a.m. Tuesday, Mitchell headed back to the same apartment to finish the job —
he set another fire that, again, was promptly put out by firefighters
responding to an alarm.

Police found Mitchell at the Freeport Long Island Railroad Station and took him into custody.

Mitchell is scheduled to be arraigned later today in Hempstead.