Perfect Worlds: Monkey House


Top Floor of Brownstone

Fort Greene

630 square feet

“I was in second grade in New Rochelle. They brought in Mr. Jiggs, the chimp. He roller-skated onstage, mixed drinks. He went monkey-ape for the ladies. Then they told us that Mr. Jiggs was actually a female monkey. I like monkeys dressed. It’s a lost art. But I’m not into cute monkeys.”

photo: Brian Kennedy

Dave the Spazz: DJ, WFMU Radio

1 Desk chair covered with hair, art supply store on 23rd Street, now closed

2 Bamboo shades, Pearl River, 477 Broadway

3 Maltese Falcon—he thinks Brigid O’Shaughnessy brought it but he’s not sure.

4 Leopard pattern pillow, Bargains-R-Us, 1508 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

5 Bananas, Met Foodmarket

6 Leopard print futon and frame, American Made Futon & Frame, 880 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

7 Frigidaire air conditioner, P.C. Richard & Son

8 Bose speakers, P.C. Richard & Son—playing Charlie Parker—”Romance without finance is a nuisance.”

9 Off-white General Electric 32-memory one-touch-dialing telephone, thrift store

10 Elvis lamp—”I dig the King.”

11 Faux Persian rug, Seventh Avenue flea market, Brooklyn

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