There’s something easy-breezy about the sound of a town like Barbaroo, WI, so it’s only fitting that whimsical folk-pop sextet PHOX hails from the town they’ve fondly described as a circus hamlet. Their first single, “Slow Motion,” layers clarinets over R&B grooves as laid-back and mellow as the cartoon Wind in the Willows movie. (Does anyone remember that?) Partisan Records issued PHOX’s eponymous debut LP earlier this year, showcasing a fragrant bouquet of psych-scented art-rock and sweetly soulful pop. Check out the new single and music video released last week for “Kingfisher”—a swooning, sun-shiney mid-tempo track whose moody music vid was directed by band guitarist / banjo player / film school graduate Zach Johnston—and everything will make sense.

Tue., July 22, 7 p.m., 2014