2023’s Ten Best Roleplay OnlyFans Accounts to Follow


Roleplaying can be a fun and sexy way to spice up the bedroom, or to try out a particular fetish you have been wondering about. There are all kinds of roleplay games that couples, threesomes, and even solo masturbators partake in on the best roleplay OnlyFans pages, like naughty nurses, ahegao-loving anime girls, boss and employee, teacher and student, strangers meeting for the first time, or taboo roleplays like stepsiblings. Whatever the fantasy, it is an escape from the real world, and a time to try something new.

If you are looking for the best roleplay OnlyFans, please read on, as we have found some of the hottest OnlyFans roleplay models, adult entertainers, and porn stars who are getting dressed up, talking dirty, and so much more.

Best Roleplay OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Roleplay OnlyFans Accounts of 2023


Best 10 Roleplay OnlyFans

#1. Nora Charm – Kinkiest Fantasy OnlyFans Roleplay Artist


  • Incredible T&A
  • Kinks, fetishes, and roleplay
  • 1.2K+ pics and videos
  • $15.99 per month

Where to Follow:

About Norah Charm:

We are starting out on a good note with Norah Charm’s wild OnlyFans roleplay page. She promises an out-of-this-world virtual experience featuring roleplay like giantess, mommy, girlfriend experience, and all kinds of other fetishes. She brings you into the action even further by moaning and making you feel like you are really there with her.

If you want to watch Norah’s big tits and ass as she plays with toys or indulges in your deepest fetish desires, subscribe to her uncensored page now. She will also happily make you a custom video, rate your cock, or sext with you if that’s what you want to do. Join her page now and immerse yourself in the Norah Charm experience.


#2. Wolfgang White – Cutest French Canadian FPOV Creator


  • Roleplay and FPOV content
  • Customs available
  • Heteroflexible switch male
  • 270+ likes
  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

About Wolfgang White:

A bearded and mustachioed French Canadian “heteroflexible” switch, Wolfgang White is a major roleplay enthusiast who gets into character and is not shy about talking dirty as he moans and shoots fat loads on camera. Listen to his French accent, or request a custom video completely done in French if you prefer. He loves making customs, especially if they are shot in the female point of view perspective. See what it would look like to get fucked by this Montreal boy by joining one of the best roleplay OnlyFans.


#3. Coy Wilder – Best Account for Mommy and Teacher Roleplay


  • Church girl gone bad
  • Mommy and MILF roleplay
  • 37K fans
  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

About Coy Wilder:

If church girls gone bad make you excited, then you are going to love Coywilder’s OnlyFans roleplay page. She is a horny slut who posts content like threesomes, B/G and G/G sex, full nudity, anal, and, of course, what we are all here for, roleplay. She does MILF roleplay, mommy play, stepmom role play, stepsister play, teacher roleplay, cuckold roleplay, and dom/sub roleplaying.

Whatever you are into, send her a request, as she is always down to make customized videos according to your personal tastes. Coy also does custom cock rates, sexts with her fans, and will occasioally jump onto a video chat too. We have linked to her free page, so all content is likely PPV, but she also has a VIP page with full nudes on the wall and more if you’d prefer to pay one monthly fee, rather than purchasing content piecemeal.


#4. House of Roleplays – Most Versatile Roleplay Artist


  • Endless varied roleplay scenarios
  • Erotic stories
  • One on one chats available
  • $8 per month

Where to Follow:

About House of Roleplays:

House of Roleplays is one of the best roleplay OnlyFans pages out there, because the anonymous creator has dedicated the entire page to acting out spicy scenarios like mistress play, little girl kinks, girl next door roleplay, and anything else you want her to be. She posts erotic stories, along with naughty pics and videos on her page, and she will also get into your own personal fantasies during one on one chats. Don’t delay, this new creator is bound to blow up soon, so get in on the ground floor and follow her now for personalized attention and tons of OnlyFans roleplay fun.


#5. Roleplay Goddess Denali – Sluttiest Fantasy Roleplayer


  • Kinky fantasy roleplay
  • Domme content
  • 590+ pics and videos
  • $5 per month

Where to Follow:

About Roleplay Goddess Denali:

Denali is a softcore roleplay expert, a slutty domme, and a dedicated content creator who posts uncensored and XXX content as PPV, with nudes, previews, games, and more on this exciting page. She also has a VIP page that includes solo, B/G, anal, PVC, hairy, cosplay, and fetish content within the subscription price, with extra content available to unlock if you please.

This girl is a beautiful dark-skinned gamer girl who understands what it means to get wild and indulge her fans in their fantasies, which is why she is on our list of the best roleplay OnlyFans models. Not only is she gorgeous with a round ass and big boobs, but she is also fun, and gets into the games you want to play to provide an immersive experience for you.


#6. Spider Queen – Erotic Roleplay Games and More


  • Erotic roleplay
  • Nude live streams
  • 280+ pics, vids, and livestreams
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

About Spider Queen:

Watch this gamer girl roleplay in fully nude live streams, as she plays with toys and gets fans involved in exciting sex games. She is also a fit avid pole dancer, who loves to message with her subscribers. Join her page and get instant lifetime access to her naughty Snapchat.

To show this naughty brunette how much you appreciate her assets, pay her tribute, or just to brighten her day, send her a gift from her wish list. She has all kinds of items on there that you can purchase, from tall clear stiletto heeled shoes to bodycon dresses, hot pants, bikinis, and home goods. She may even send you a little something special in return.  


#7. Delilah Mae Role Play – MILF Domme Roleplay and Mommy Fantasies


  • Mommy fantasies
  • Dom humiliation
  • 970+ likes
  • 1.5K+ pics and videos
  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

About Delilah Mae Role Play:

Let Delilah Mae please you, it’s all she wants to do. Her OnlyFans roleplay content is kinky, with mommy fantasies, dom/sub play, and so much more. Want your tiny dick humilated by a professional porn star? She will rate your cock, with or without SPH if you send her a good tip. Her video categories include mistress, step mommy, masturbation, dildo, ass play, teasing, and more. She is also an excellent sexter who will be able to make you cum through words alone, or you can order a custom video and watch her do whatever it is you like in a personalized OnlyFans roleplay vid. Join this unstoppable horny wife in her quest to please everybody. She will make your dreams come true.


#8. Queen of Roleplay – Fetish Friendly Roleplay and Tease Content


  • Roleplay and kinky fetishes
  • Edging and teasing content
  • 2.2K pics and videos
  • $12 per month

Where to Follow:

About Queen of Roleplay:

You can’t make a list of the best roleplay OnlyFans and not include somebody called the Queen of Roleplay! This girl is not kidding either, she updates her kinky fetish page daily, and you can look back on her stuff all the way to 2017. She has experience working with her fans’ fantasies and bringing them to life in fun and exciting teases, fetish play, and roleplay pics, videos, and live stream events.

You can buy her used items, like panties or socks, get a $5 JOI voice note or a free cock rating, request a customized video, or chat via Facetime, one-on-one. You can also just pay your subscription fee, sit back, and watch hours of fetish videos. You are in the driver’s seat, and she is there to give you what you want.


#9. Camilla Bangs – Big Booty Fantasy Roleplay Queen


  • Mistress, mommmy, and wifey roleplay
  • Squirting content
  • 400+ media files
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

About Camilla Bangs:

Camilla is a hot black babe with a huge ass. She absolutely loves acting out her fans’ fantasies in OnlyFans roleplay, like horny step-mom play, secret mistress sex, or naughty cheating wife roleplay, and she also loves to squirt. Combine the two for some of the sexiest OnlyFans porn content out there. With over 27K likes on her page, even though she does not say much about what kinds of videos she is posting, you can be sure it is well worth the subscription fee.


#10.  Mora Dominatrix – Erotic Fantasy Roleplay and Domme Page    


  • Domme roleplay and erotic fantasy
  • Kink, foot fetish, and more
  • 7.7K fans
  • 140+ pics and vids

Where to Follow:

About Mora Dominatrix:

Mora is one of the best roleplay OnlyFans dommes out there, with content featuring pegging, cuckold, sissy games, JOI, CEI, findom, femdom, SPH, and other erotic fantasy vids. She does ASMR, she does POV angles, and she fully embodies the dirty fetish dominatrix vibe in all of her content.

You can sext with Mora or get a one-on-one video call with Mora 24/7, roleplaying with her directly if you want, or she can make you a custom video that you can watch over and over again. If you want a hardcore nasty woman to rate your cock or your cumshot, she will also provide these services for a fee.


FAQ About the Best Roleplay OnlyFans Accounts

What is an Example of Role Play?

Roleplay can be basically anything you want. In sex, many people will roleplay in a dominant or powerful role like master, teacher, police officer, etc. while others may take a more submissive role, like servant, maid, student, or innocent virgin. Some people like to dress up in costumes, while others just embody the spirit of the role they are taking.

Why Do Adults Roleplay?

Roleplaying can get you out of your own head, let you try new experiences, and express new parts of yourself that you may not even have known were there. By taking on the persona of somebody else in the bedroom, you can lose your inhibitions and play more freely. This is why OnlyFans roleplay content is so enjoyable: people can forget their daily stress and just have fun as somebody else for a while.

Is Roleplay Good in Bed?

Yes, it can be, as long as all partners are in on the fun and are willing to play along. There is nothing worse than a person feeling awkward or negating your roleplay fun. For partners who want to try something new, roleplaying can be a fun way to embrace novelty, spice things up, and have a good time together.

What Percentage of Couples Roleplay?

There is no real way to measure the actual number of couples that roleplay, because it is usually a private activity that takes place behind closed doors, but we do know that it is more common than you may think. In a recent 2022 survey taken by 2000 Americans, around one in four people were interested in trying roleplay with their current partners, and there are likely even more who may not wish to disclose their personal preferences to a news outlet.

How Do I Do Good Roleplay Without Being Awkward?

To get into character without feeling embarrassed or awkward, you may want to try putting on a costume or clothing that suits the character. Put on your suit to play the boss, put on a bikini to be the beach babe, or purchase a French maid outfit online.

Set the scene by turning up some music, turning down the lights, getting out props, or even try doing it in different locations than you and your partner normally do. Get out into nature, or book a hotel room to make things even more novel.

It also helps to talk about things beforehand, so expectations and boundaries are clear. This way you won’t have to worry that your partner will take things too far, or that you are missing the mark with the type of teacher roleplay they were hoping for.

How Do You Start a Dirty Roleplay?

It might feel weird to talk to your partner about a scenario you have been wanting to act out during sex if you have never done roleplay together before, but it is simple. Just tell them that you can’t stop fantasizing about (insert roleplay here). Get the conversation going, and make sure to start out slowly.

Talk about what each partner is and is not willing to do, select a safe word, and make sure to communicate during the scenario as well, especially if there is a domination or BDSM aspect to things. And make sure to spend loving time together afterward.

Full-on roleplay can be overwhelming to a partner who hasn’t done it before and can feel embarrassing or silly. Over time, you can introduce new turn-ons, kinks, or costumes to the mix. Finding scenes and roles that you are both into will make things a lot of fun.



Roleplay is a great way to break out of your old routines and try something new, and it can also take you to new heights of desire as you explore fantasy scenarios. Whether you want to be a slutty maid who meets the homeowner for the first time, the misbehaving brat who needs a spanking, or the bad boy who was arrested by a kinky police officer, you are escaping your own reality, and giving yourself (and your partner) to speak and act in ways that may be very different from how you normally would. While some find it embarrassing, others get into the fun fantasy and have fun trying out new personas.

On OnlyFans, roleplay accounts are widely popular, because watching other people roleplay, or playing along in chats and live streams is just as hot and can break you out of your shell just as much as doing it one on one with a partner. When you join the best roleplay OnlyFans pages, you will be guaranteed to have fun, and you just might learn something new about yourself.

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