Scientology on the High Seas: Three Major Enemies Scalped!


In November we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s previously unpublished “Orders of the Day,” which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we’re looking at what was happening the week of February 26 through March 3 during those years.

This week, L. Ron frets over the yacht’s proximity to commie territory…

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February 26: LRH vanquishes his enemies!

Our News

According to Fred Payer in LA in the staff FSM preplay Ron’s Journal 68 was received with a standing ovation.

If you think we are losing ground, according to a head count to date, three major enemies and the three biggest enemy names are finished.

Cecil King lost his directorship in the Bank of England and his newspaper claim which included the “Daily Mail”.

Sir William Carr has also lost his directorship in the Bank of England and has been ousted from his papers and was last seen trying to unite with “Truth” newspapers of Australia, owned by Murdock.

Kenneth Robinson, ex Minister of Health UK has been ousted and is in disgrace with his group.

All three were also directors of the “National Association for Mental Health of the UK.

Three scalps.

Any more candidates for our “coupstick”?

The enemy raiding the Adelaide Org seized not only pictures on the wall but also the staff’s made up pay packets. Made them awfully “popular” with the public when reported in the press.

The SA English language papers have turned for us. The two formerly favorable Africans suddenly turned against us there.

They have rats in the woodwork just now exposing themselves to view.

All orgs are open including Melbourne which has re-opened. This despite bans. We have now all original orgs functioning plus many more since 1963.

Many papers, persons, magazines and agencies are taking up our cry against psychiatric death camps and brutality. The enemy is worried and even desperate.

The UK “Inquiry” has finally gotten down to business and has subscribed (five shillings) to our broadsheet! A handout prepared by the Guardians Office WW.

Pubs Org is now safely and totally in Denmark. Still under its SO Captain, our W.O. Doreen Casey.

NY was just given by LRH Ed a cancellation of ethics files and a no condition to cool off turbulation. A Guardians Mission is there. They now have orders to locate the source of false reports that were getting people shot. Payer is going to NY to see that the RJ Congress runs well. New York was being 3rd partied to death.

The ship has been alerted to sail at least 3 times without sailing.

There are two reasons for this. (1) We are on a border within sight of a country allied to Red China and it is wise (indeed, it is SOP) to be able to get under weigh when you are in a potential war zone, and (2) we needed other data on what was going on in England and with incorporation actions in order to make a firm decision.

We are now waiting for AO Greece customers which should be showing up after Ron’s Journal.

Meanwhile we have to get our safety, fire, radio letter which depends on our doing some additional safety work.

While waiting we decide to install the Gyro compass and auto pilot if possible.

We won’t be here forever. When AO Greece is well established, we’ll be taking a cruise.

HCO POL LTR 24 FEB 69 JUSTICE is of interest to all SO members as well as Scns over the world. It will be the basis of any future Missions and should be on the Missionaires checksheet. It unravels unjustices which entered into the ethics system.

MSH is well again.

I went for a drive today and got some nice pictures.



March 2: We need to learn from the buddy-system developed 80 billion years ago.


On their return, an FEBC [graduate of a Flag Executive Briefing Course] is expected to get the show on the road fast, not organize to the exclusion of upping existing production.

The Breedens rocketed DC to a week’s Affluence immediately on return.

The SH WW UKLO teams have shot WW and SH stats right on up, zoom.

Our FEBCs at USLO ALEX and Bill have held the AOLA Affluence Trend and are tackling AOSH’s danger trend.

BUT FEBC LONERS ARE HAVING IT ROUGH. Dick Peterson had a slump in his first week at Celebrity Center. Norman Herring, all alone in all SA, had a slump in his first week in Joburg.


We already had data on this. One OT working alone in an area can get clobbered.

An old, most successful Whole Track pattern (probably the most successful space society, lasted 80 billion and probably still going) always ordered TWO beings to a command post.

It takes FIVE FEBCs to totally man an org’s upper echelon. C/O or ED, PRODUCT OFFICER, ORGANIZING OFFICER, HCO AREA SEC and PES or DIST SEC (Consumption Officer).

An ED/Product Officer and Org Officer is evidently the minimum pair.

In the SO we only send a single out to observe. To get anything done we always send two. Bitter experience has made TWO mandatory.


I can see the rule coming — we will not train ONE FEBC for an org, we will insist on training TWO minimum.


Have had lots of congratulations on the high International Stat, highest since Nov ’69. Thank you. But it took the lot of us.


2. Al Bornstein is ordered to thorough daily 2 hour study on his post hat. I have already sent Org Officer FAO a full checksheet on promotion for use in his hat.

Lt. Cmdr. Diana Hubbard, Distribution Aide

I hope Diana wasn’t too tough on you, Al (wink).


While L. Ron Hubbard plied the seas, back on dry land Advance! magazine was thrilling Scientologists with its tales of “OT Phenomena.” Those church members who had reached the higher levels of spiritual training shared their stories of superhuman powers with fellow dupes — er, enthusiasts. This excerpt is from Issue 22, February/March 1974…

My sister gave birth to a 9-pound boy (she is not a Scientologist). She had a rough time.

The day she came home she was rushed to the hospital because she started to hemorrhage. They rushed her in and started to operate.

This all happened in New Jersey. My mother called and told me they had just taken my sister back to the hospital and told me about the operation.

I was in New York City when I received this call. I calmed my mother down and acknowledged her. I then said I will do something and hung up.

I went to my bathroom and exteriorized out of the body to the New Jersey Hospital — just in time to handle this.

My sister was very near death (at 28 years old!) and had a suppressive doctor! He was not in present time and started to move his hand to cut and it was shaking. I then moved his hand! The nurses looked surprised. I made myself very solid in the operating room and controlled the doctor and nurses, which was vital! After the operation the doctor sewed her up.

I went to see her again later that day with my body.

She opened her eyes and said, “You were there. You saved my life! I don’t know how, but you did. I saw you!”

I said, “Yes, I was there.”

Gene, my husband, a Class VIII Auditor, then gave her a touch assist. She said, “I will never forget what you have done.”

She was out of the hospital in three days after having a major operation and was doing great! This is phenomenal.

I’m sure glad I had the tech and data to handle this! — Arlyn Hobel, OT

I should ask illustrious commenter John P. to run the numbers on this for us. I mean, think about this for a minute. You figure that, today, it takes several years and about $350,000 to achieve OT VIII, the top of the superhuman end of the Bridge. That’s supposed to unlock for you the ability to leave your body and, in this example, take over a physician’s hand to do a little remote surgery…but is that really a good bargain? I mean, what’s the cost of going to medical school and becoming a surgeon and not just some delusional Scientologist? I’d like to see the math on that.

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