‘Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace’


This uneven romantic comedy is firmly in the Zach Braff–ian mold: It features
a group of thirtysomething men who are so terrified of growing up that they behave semi-moronically for the majority of the film, until they’re chastened by the love
of a good woman (or, in this case, several good women). What makes Sing Now
less tolerable than your average rom-com is that it’s chock-full of John Mayer
and Coldplay renditions— a cappella renditions—as college singing buddies
gather 15 years after graduation for a Hamptons wedding weekend. It’s too bad the
script and the Phil Collins don’t hold up to the talent, which includes stage actor David Harbour—currently appearing in The Coast of Utopia—and Molly Shannon, terribly misused as an overbearing wife.