“The woman is radioactive with personality—and she’s not bad in person, either,” said our own Michael Musto in a recent Paper magazine profile of Beth Ditto, fiercely confident and hyper-stylish frontwoman for Gossip. It’s true; Ditto’s poise and advocation for the LGBT community is only rivaled in awesomeness by the band’s kinetic dance-punk jams, equal parts riot-grrrl rave and swing-heavy sass. Many in the media have passive-aggressively crowed that Ditto reflects an “evolving” and “more accepting” standard of beauty, given her larger frame that actually suggests a real human being (the average American woman is a size 12, as we endlessly shout from our soapbox). But those jerks have it all wrong: Ditto is the gold standard of a rock star and feminist, and we’d all be lucky to catch up to her.

Fri., April 30, 8 p.m., 2010