2023’s Ten Best Tattooed OnlyFans Pages


Although tattoos used to be taboo and for criminals, these days they are widely popular, covering over 30% of the US population, with women being more likely to get a tattoo than men. There is a huge range of people who get tattooed, including professionals, artists, models, doctors, police officers, and everybody in between, so it was easy for us to find hot tattooed OnlyFans models and adult entertainers. We selected the ten best tattooed OnlyFans based on their large-scale tattoo coverage, as well as the services and entertainment value their pages provide to their fans. So, without further ado, please read on to see who we have selected as the best tattoo OnlyFans pages to follow in 2023.

Best Tattooed OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Tattooed OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

  • Blake Bailey – Top 0% Creator and Best Tattooed OnlyFans Girl
  • PornHolio (Sarah Moon) – Super Hot Tattooed Only Fans Canadian
  • Arady Alt Model – Italian Sexting Queen
  • Becky Holt – Britain’s Most Tattooed Woman
  • Hylia Fawkes – Gamer XXX Porn Content
  • Razor Candi – Explicit Animated Gifs and Nude Photos Daily
  • Jennifer Deku – NSFW Tattoo OnlyFans Page
  • Sophie – Tattooed Porn Star Specializing in Deepthroat and Anal
  • Starfmodel – Swedish Switch OnlyFans Girl
  • Yulia – Cute and Spicy Tattooed Blonde


Best 10 Tattooed OnlyFans

#1.Blake Bailey – Fit Tattooed Baddy


  • Freaky sex content
  • Extreme sports
  • 1.6K media files
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

Blake is not only into the extreme look, she also lives the lifestyle. She is a novice wingsuit base jumper, she is 420-friendly, and she loves to take part in all kinds of hardcore sports, taking risks for the adrenaline rush. Her tattoos include a three-quarter sleeve and some very cute thigh tattoos, and her page is filled with adventures, sex, and day-to-day authenticity.

Blake does not chat on IG, her tattoo OnlyFans page is the only place where you can talk to the real Blake one on one. Subscribing to her page is definitely worth it, as she works hard to keep fit and tight for her fans, she does live shows, and you can watch over 150 full-length videos featuring solo content, boy girl and girl girl sex tapes, and more. Join her page now and get to know her freaky side.


#2. Pornholio (Sarah Moon) – XXX Nudes and Porn


  • Squirting
  • XXX nudes
  • 1K+ media files
  • $30 per month

Where to Follow:

We’ll be honest, Sarah Moon got our attention with her hilarious user name, but she kept us on her page with her paywall-free no PPV attitude. She is a Canadian makeup artist, covered in black and gray tattoo work on her arms, legs, back, ass, and stomach.

Everything on her page is posted directly to the timeline, so you get to see all the squirting, masturbation, toy play, G/G and TS/G sex tapes, nudes and B/G porn you want as soon as you subscribe. She drops full-length videos weekly, and you can also enjoy new and throwback scenes regularly. Follow her page to see why she is in the top 1.1% best tattooed OnlyFans worldwide.


#3. Aradyaltmodel – Italian SG Tattooed Model


  • Daily pics
  • Free monthly video
  • 450+ media files
  • $4.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Aradya has a lot of tattoos for a 26-year-old model, with huge intricate leg tattoos, rib pieces, and blackwork on her chest, stomach, and arms. She is a gorgeous Italian girl who is dedicated to her tattoo OnlyFans page, posting new photos every day, with subscribers also receiving a free video each month. She also posts PPV videos regularly, and loves to sext with her fans.

If you are looking for somebody to rate your dick pics, Aradya is down to tell you what she thinks of your member. Send her a good tip with your pic and she will tell you exactly what she would do with it, and how she thinks it looks.

#4. Becky Holt – Britain’s Most Tattooed OnlyFans Model


  • B/G, G/G and solo porn
  • International model
  • 1.9K media files
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

Although this claim may be difficult to prove, Becky Holt claims to be the most tattooed woman in Britain. She has been on the cover of several international tattoo magazines, because not only is she covered literally head to toe in ink, she is also absolutely stunning. If you want to see completely tattooed titties, face tattoos, butt tattoos, and full body coverage, Becky is going to be your new favorite tattooed Only Fans girl.

Following Becky’s page, you will see boy/girl, girl/girl, and solo sex tapes. She dabbles in fetishism, and loves to play with toys on camera. Watch her tattooed pussy squirt. Becky is very interactive with her fans as well, and loves to chat, make custom content, and jump on live streams. She also sells underwear. There is not much that is taboo to this open-minded maven.


#5. Hylia Fawkes – Porn and Fetish Content


  • Full nudes on the timeline
  • Dick ratings available
  • 2.1K+ pics, videos, and livestreams
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

Hylia Fawkes has full colorful nerd-inspired tattoo sleeves, and cute health-level hearts on her butt, with the words GAME and OVER on her upper thighs. You have never seen a nerd as hot as she is. She has a round and firm, perky ass, big tits, and a lovely curvaceous figure, with a triforce tattoo just below the navel and a cute chest piece that comes up onto her throat. Her shaved pussy and her thighs also have tattoos surrounding them.

When you subscribe to her page you get to see full nude pics on the timeline, with the option to purchase XXX porn vids. She has one of the best tattooed OnlyFans pages, with full anal, foot fetish, spanking, twerking, and squirting content. She talks dirty and gives jack off instructions, she shoots POV angles, and she plays with sex toys on camera, with girl on girl, and boy girl content.

 Hylia’s page is run by herself alone, without any agencies or bots, so every message, dick rating, or interaction you have is with the real creator herself. Hylia is ready and willing to sext with her subs, and if you want access to her private Snapchat, where screenshots are allowed, simply send her an $80 tip and let her know what it’s for. She is waiting to hear from you now.


#6. Razor Candi – Hot Tattooed Only Fans XXX Content


  • Explicit animated GIFs
  • Daily nudes
  • 5.3K+ media files
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

Razor Candi is a super interactive tattooed OnlyFans girl with over 4K nudes and 1.2K gifs and videos for you to peruse as soon as you join her page. She updates her feed daily with new nudes, as well as daily explicit animated GIFs and a free monthly XXX livestream with anal play, dildos, blow job content, cumshots, and sex tapes. There are also several pay per view options provided every week, and you can DM with Razor Candi herself.

New fans are immediately sent 28 free masturbation videos, so why wait? Joining only costs $10. It is definitely worth it. And if you turn on your rebill, you will get frequent NSFW explicit pics and videos sent to you each month. Tippers get extra attention, so make sure you show your appreciation for her hard work.


#7. Jennifer Deku – Hot Tattooed Ass OnlyFans Creator


  • Biweekly or weekly explicit vids
  • 2 daily posts on the feed
  • 4K+ media files
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Not only is her ass tattooed, her entire body is covered in beautiful ink. Jennifer is a cute and petite English girlie who has hundreds of hours worth of tattooing on her body, including a bad-ass American traditional style panther on her stomach, Japanese style peonies, snakes, and waves on her arms, back, and butt, and a ton of other small and medium-scale pieces on her thighs, hands, arms, neck and chest.

We chose Jennifer Deku as one of the best tattooed OnlyFans models because she is a fun cosplay queen who enjoys posting dirty lewd pics and NSFW vids to her main feed daily, with fully nude and explicit content you won’t see anywhere else. Pay to unlock even longer, explicit videos to see the dirtier side of her, or join in a daily chat where you can exchange “photos, videos, voice notes, and dad jokes” with this fun and interesting content creator.


#8. Sophie – Top 0.2% OnlyFans Girl from Germany


  • Foot Fetish
  • Double Penetration
  • 680+ pics and vids
  • $21 per month

Where to Follow:

Inked Sophie is a cute tattooed gal from Berlin, Germany, with several black tattoos featuring traditional old-school style flash pieces like a dagger, wolves, and cherubs. She has her throat and face tattooed, and from what we have seen, she looks great in a low-cut top and short-shorts, or completely bottomless.

Even though her page is completely in German, we could understand the most important bits, like “Squirting”, “BlowJobs”, “Cosplays”, “Monsterdildos”, “Creampies” and “Hardcore”. Sophie is a self-described anal nympho with deepthroat skills, and with the help of our friend Google Translate, we learned that she posts foot content, outdoor fun, jerk off instructions, gamer content, and hardcore double penetration.

She runs her account all on her own, without management or assistants, so when you chat, all messages are guaranteed to be answered by Sophie herself. A free video is sent out to her tattoo OnlyFans subs every week, and she also sells personalized polaroids and worn panties to those who want a keepsake of their own.


#9. Starfmodel – Big Titty Tattooed Only Fans in Latex


  • Latex, heels and boots content
  • Foot fetish play
  • 3.2K+ pics and videos
  • $14.99 per month

Where to Follow:

This Swedish switch is a certified starfucker, with bright red hair, big boobs, and a heavily tattooed body with a full arm and a full leg completely covered. She has a gorgeous model body, and she loves to show it off in her daily posts. If you like tats, latex, heels, boots, feet, lingerie, and big tits, Starf is your new favorite follow.

Her tattooed OnlyFans page is all solo content, so you can imagine yourself with her or just watch her beautiful body without any distraction. There is a tipping menu available in her pinned posts so you can see what types of extras you can pay for from this hot tattooed Only Fans star.


#10.  Yulia – Best Tattooed OnlyFans Blonde Beauty


  • Spicy DMs
  • Online everyday
  • 700+ pics and videos
  • $10 per months

Where to Follow:

Yulia has a cute and spunky vibe about her that just makes you want to get to know her better, which is good because she has an open DM policy, go ahead and send her a message. She checks them every day and replies to everybody. This tattooed OnlyFans blonde has a pierced tongue, and dozens of black tattoos that contrast nicely with her light-colored skin. If you subscribe to Yulia’s page, don’t forget to turn your rebill on, you will be glad you did.



Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo OnlyFans Pages

Where is the Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo?

It completely depends on the person. For most, it is the shoulder, and the top of the arm that are the least painful spots to get tattooed. Some people claim that their butt didn’t hurt at all, while others say it was one of the worst spots.

The reason tattoos hurt is because of nerve endings in the skin, so you can judge how much a potential tattoo will hurt by tickling the area. The more sensitive it is, the more likely it is that your tattoo will be painful. The tattooed OnlyFans girls with their armpits, nipples, ribs, kneecaps, and buttholes tattooed are absolute troopers, and deserve a bit of credit for enduring that kind of pain for their beauty.

What Are the Most Attractive Spots for Tattoos?

It depends on who you ask. For some, the classic upper back, shoulders, and hip tattoos are the hottest spots for girls to get tattoos, but for others who prefer a heavily tattooed look, the throat, hands, and full back pieces are the hottest spots.

Overall, the main things that makes a tattoo look good no matter where it are placed is good quality artwork, with crisp lines, saturated colors, and a good placement that goes with the body shape.

What Class of People Get Tattoos?

Tattoos used to be a symbol of crime, rebellion, and the seedy underbelly of society, but those days are long gone in most North American and European cultures. All classes of people in these societies have tattoos, from high-powered CEOs, celebrities, and politicians to your average college student or housewife. They are very normal, and as long as they were done in a hygenic space by a professional, not anything to be concerned about.

In places like Korea, Sri Lanka, Iran, and Turkey, people with tattoos may be viewed through a very different lens, as tattooing is illegal, or very highly frowned upon in society. In Japan, tattoos are still very closely connected to the Yakuza and are often not viewed favorably, especially on other Japanese people. (Foreigners may get a pass but may not be allowed in certain bathing areas.) The reasons for these bans are often cultural or religious in nature. That said, you can still find people with tattoos in all of these countries, they may simply face a higher rate of discrimination than in Britain or America.

What Percentage of People Have Tattoos?

In the US, around 21% of people have at least one tattoo. In Canada the number is at about 22%, and 21% in the UK. Throughout the European Union, the number is lower, at around 14%, but it depends on the country. Elsewhere in the world they are much less popular.  

How Does a Penis Tattoo Work?

Everybody has likely wondered about this at some point. Does the penis need to be hard? What about the extra stretchy skin? Does it hurt a lot? The answer is not very glamorous.

Basically, because there is almost zero chance of a man maintaining an erection during such a painful tattoo, the tattoo artist has to stretch the skin out, or the needle will catch. (Yikes.) They will usually bend the penis over something, and it can sometimes take two artists (one stretcher, one tattooer) to do the job.

Most tattoo artists won’t even attempt such a thing, so if you want your cock tattooed to spice up your tattoo OnlyFans page, make sure you clear it with the artist well beforehand, and prepare to pay a premium for it!



There are a lot of people out there who believe that Tattooed OnlyFans models are hotter than any other sexy OnlyFans content creator, thanks to their hardcore looks and their decorated skin. Tattoos may not make a person kinkier, but they certainly fulfill a fetish niche and give a girl a unique look that is very desirable. We had a lot of fun putting this list together, and we hope that you have enjoyed checking out our pics for the best tattooed OnlyFans pages of 2023.


For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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