The Illustrated Peach Cobbler


The cobbler represents summertime desserts in the south to me. I grew up eating cobblers of all sorts, but peach was always my favorite.

The cobbler conundrum: It’s something between a cake and a pie. It has too much fruit to classify as a cake; the batter goes around the fruit unlike a pie. Some people make them more like biscuits floating over a filling, but this (above) is the type of cobbler I grew up with. The juice from the fruit mixes in with the batter to create a flavor that you can’t get any other way.

When fruit is plentiful, cobblers are a great way to use up the overripe or bruised pieces. You could experiment with different fruits, too–apple, pear, or mixed berries would substitute easily into this recipe. I find that some whipped cream or ice cream is a nice way to smooth out the sweetness of this dish. But if you don’t have any (or don’t like that), it’s also great plain.

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