‘The Troubles We’ve Seen: A History of Journalism in Wartime’


The perilous symbiosis of war and the media undergoes merciless scrutiny in The Troubles We’ve Seen: A History of Journalism in Wartime. As penetrating as it is far-ranging, this documentary astonishment by the legendary Marcel Ophüls ( The Sorrow and the Pity, Hôtel Terminus) surveys the Bosnian war through the lens of the international press corp. Christiane Amanpour of CNN, John Burns of The New York Times, famed war correspondent Martha Gellhorn, and dozens of others provide grist for the ethical mill, while Ophüls provides the omnivorous intelligence required to sustain nearly four hours of riveting inquiry. Original footage is poised against film clips ( Only Angels Have Wings, Papa’s Lola Montés) selected for maximum irony and structural dynamism. Screening five times this week at Anthology Film Archives, Veillées d’armes, as it’s known in original French, will be available spring 2007 as a less butt-busting experience on DVD through Milestone Films.