The Week in Food Blogs: Food Critics, Schweddy Balls, More Bad Restaurant Names


This week in food blogs:

Eater offered a time line of all New York Times food critics, from Claiborne to Sifton.

Grub Street revealed why The Moth’s evening of foodie storytelling rocked. (Spoiler alert: Padma burped.)

Midtown Lunch discovered you can get Schweddy Balls ice cream at the Rock Center Ben & Jerry’s.

Serious Eats rounded up the best eats at this year’s San Gennaro festival. It’s all about Torrisi’s “Nachos” and Ribs.

Food Republic delivered a brief history of cookbooks.

The Daily Meal cooked up seven ideas for fall salads. (And today feels like it’s time to try one.)

Zagat Buzz posted part two of its 10 worst restaurant names. Captain Poo? Come on.