This Is A Video Of A Bunch Of Little Creeps Bullying A Defenseless Old Lady


The video embedded above is one of the more despicable things we’ve seen in a while — it shows a bunch of junior high-aged kids bullying a defenseless old lady for no reason other than to just be total shit-bags. The woman in the video is Karen Klein, a bus monitor for a school district just outside of Rochester.

As you can see, the kids harass her about her weight, her clothes, and even tell her that she has herpes.

The boy who shot the video, Luis Recio Jr., claims — stop us if you’ve heard this one before — that he didn’t participate in the bullying; he says he just recorded what happened, and feels horrible about it.

“I feel bad about how they were making fun of her and everything,” he told a local TV news station after the video went somewhat viral.

According to WHAM in Rochester, the Greece Central School District is deciding how to punish at least four students involved in the bullying, and the case has been referred to the Greece Police Department, which will decide whether the kids will face any criminal charges.

Check back for updates.