This is How You Finance an “Ideal Org”


Tuesday morning we included a recruitment video from the Scientology “org” in Orange County, California in our post about Lisa Marie Presley. It was loads of fun, but then our tipsters alerted us last night that it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Orange County, in fact, has lots of diverting videos at its “Ideal Org” channel, where they are documenting what it takes to finance a big new building when, actually, there’s really no influx of new people or anything to justify it. In this first video, above, you see one of the key strategies — pore over records of people who may have at one time had some connection to Scientology by purchasing a book or taking a course, and mine those old files for new contact information. Surely, there’s some gold in them thar hills!

Here’s another strategy: hold a big Christmas party, and then after everyone’s in a good mood, hit them up for cash! Just look at them race to that easel to write down how much they’re going to contribute. One family gives so much money to help renovate a building no one needs, they get named triple humanitarians!

Here’s an inspirational pitch — while it’s still dark outside, and your husband and your kids are still asleep, why not come on down to the org to go through files! Now this is living!

Executive Director Ed Dearborn wants to see you down at the weekend fundraiser. I’m excited!

Cathy Moore tells us 160,000 thetans are getting new files so they can be fleeced, er, contacted for the big party!

Easter Saturday’s big barbecue is Scottish, or something!

Holy Frickin’ Moly! Easter Sunday afternoon action at its finest!

That Orange County org is really going places!

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