Tonight They’re Gonna Rock You Tonight: Afrobeat, Modernist Jazz, and the Steadily Improving Amanda Palmer


The Daily News reports that tonight’s Femi Kuti gig has been cancelled. But if you can’t delay your fix, the Knitting Factory’s New York AfroBeat Festival will otherwise continue as planned. Catch clarinetist Oran Etkin’s free-form jazz at the early show, or Wunmigirl’s African breakbeats late.

David Byrne shleps to Jersey to continue supporting his latest Brian Eno-produced venture. City-folk should consider waiting until Monday, when the former Talking Heads frontman does a free show at Prospect Park.

Guillermo Klein, the Argentinean composer and pianist, leads his orchestra through the labyrinth of modernist jazz at the Village Vanguard. Somehow, they keep it funky.

Low-budget bliss-rockers Holiday Shores leave us puzzling over the “tree falls in a forest” riddle with a 5 p.m. in-studio set at WNYU. Then they bring bubbly, old-world pop arrangements to the Cake Shop.

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman perform at the Spin Book Club in Soho. The $25 tag may be steep for a pair of goths meandering over the piano, but it’s a rare chance to see the Dresden Dolls frontwoman and Coraline author riff on each others’ work.