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What Is Jerkmate? An In-Depth Jerkmate Review


Jerkmate is one of the most popular live sex cam sites that lets you virtually get it on with other horny strangers on the internet.

These sites are a dime a dozen, though, so I was curious to find out what makes Jerkmate so special. I gave it a go and, well, I learned a few things about the site during my Jerkmate review.

Check out the official Jerkmate site here!

Before I share the downlow on my Jerkmate experience, juicy details and all, here’s a quick overview to warm you up.

Jerkmate at a Glance

What Jerkmate Is Good at

    • Secure and easy payment (PayPal accepted for the win)
    • Simple account setup
    • 24/7 customer service team
  • Pay for private cam-2-cam sessions
  • Section dedicated to porn star cams

Where Jerkmate Could Improve

  • Signup process is a hassle
  • Most cam-2-cams are charged by the minute
  • Not all models do private shows
  • Pricier than other sites

Jerkmate Special Features

  • Great search filters to find your perfect cam girl
  • Cam-2-cams are where it’s at
  • Site is available in different languages
  • Jerkmate Gold currency is sold at $1 per piece
  • Purchase premade content (photos and videos)
  • Save your favorite cam model profiles

Bottom Line

Although creating an account with the site is free, it can do better in providing a streamlined service during the process. However, you’re going to find that Jerkmate has great stuff to offer once you’ve set up your account…

To top it off, get 3 free gold when you sign up!

My Jerkmate Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Jerkmate Review: My First-Hand Experience

Jerkmate is one of the many live sex cam sites in the industry right now, and what initially piqued my interest was, first and foremost, the amount and quality of content that they’re able to provide their users.

More than that, Jerkmate promises free account signups that won’t require you to spend on any fees or charges until you decide to link up your account with PayPal or your credit/debit card. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and the aforementioned PayPal, which is always a plus in my book.

So, off I went to get my FREE account so I could see some virtual booty all up on my screen. Then, I received a “page not working” notification.


It happened so many freaking times. At first, I tried as my browser instructed and deleted my cookies. Nothing. Then, I thought maybe I had to use a VPN, which I did afterwards. And still, the same damn page popped up.

I wasn’t exactly able to figure out what the technical issue was, but I contacted a friend who happens to be a live cam site sage (you know who you are). In the blink of an eye, they managed to get in and set my account up for me.


The second issue: While Jerkmate doesn’t technically charge anything from the get go, or for the signup process itself, I did have to link a payment method in order to sign up.

This tedious signup process didn’t stop me from enjoying the site, however, it’s definitely annoying and something Jerkmate could improve upon.

Browsing the Site and Searching for My Cam Model

The first thing I noticed upon browsing the site was their personalized approach to camming. Right on the homepage, you’re going to see that there’s a short questionnaire to help you pair up with one of the thousands of cam models performing on the site.

But I wasn’t feeling too adventurous at the time, so I didn’t opt to roll the dice and let their AI do the choosing for me. Instead, I decided to go on my own quest to find the perfect cam model to watch.

I noticed that there’s a nice section here that helps you change the site’s language, which means Jerkmate is friendly towards non-English speakers who want to catch a glimpse of their live cam models.

Going back to my quest, I checked out their search filters instead of relying on their personalized questionnaire. And I must say, this was almost enough to make up for all the trouble the site put me through just to create an account with them.

At first glance, you’re going to see numerous tags that help you choose the right cam girl for you. They’ve got filters for lots of niches and categories, from gaping to long tongue fetishes.

Bravo, Jerkmate!

And although it isn’t my cup of tea, I checked out their cam boy section too and was slightly disappointed that the search tags don’t change. It still features tags from their camgirl section.

The layout for their guy cams section is pretty much the same as the girls’, though, which is good if you swing both ways and want ease of access on both ends of the site.

Going back to the cam girl section of the site, I loved how Jerkmate’s main cam girl page gives you a preview of each featured model, with a short snippet of their sex chat rooms whenever you hover your cursor over their thumbnails.

None of the featured performers managed to grab my interest at that point, though, so I decided to do a manual search. It’s nice that they have a variety of categories available on their search filters section. Not only that, but there are thousands of available models you can check out at any given time just by the look of it.

I didn’t click on any of the hot categories just yet. I needed more filters to make my search for the right cam model to be as perfect as possible. Thankfully, Jerkmate didn’t disappoint.

For one, the live cam site had additional filters that let you categorize their sex chat rooms by their models’ age, which range from 18+ barely legal hotties to mature minxes, 50 and up.

I also discovered that you’re not just going to deal with models who are exclusively from the US here, which I absolutely loved. They have live sex cam performers from all over the world, whether it’s Europe or Africa.

There are other additional filters, too, that let you categorize your searches based on the specific Jerkmate features the any cam given cam model might offer during their performances.

All in all, I was impressed with the wide array of choices Jerkmate gives their users. This allows you to create pinpoint searches that give you the exact kind of live cam performer you’d want.


The Right Stuff: Jerkmate Public Sex Chat Rooms

Upon entering one of the public sex chat rooms available on the site, it was nice to find out that they also included the model’s profile when you scroll down a bit.

Call it a matter of circumstance or a Jerkmate standard, but I love how the models I visited were pretty much actively chatting up their viewers as well, not just putting on a good sex show.

And in cases where the cam model that you click on isn’t online, it’s nice to know that Jerkmate at least gives you an idea whether you’re checking out a generally active performer by providing you with info. on their last show.

Convenience wins.

It would be really nice if both Jerkmate and the models also provided you with a feature that lets you know when exactly they’re online, but that’s asking too much. Cam models, after all, work with very flexible hours.

Suffice it to say that this wasn’t the cam girl I was looking for. But after more than an hour of fooling around and just browsing the site’s search categories, I finally found the right cam model for me that night. I was hankering for a big titty cam girl with some tattoos, and I found just the perfect one using their efficient search tools.

One of the things I liked about Jerkmate is how streamlined the look of their public chat rooms are. The whole interface doesn’t look as crowded as other live cam site chat rooms out there, with Jerkmate providing you just the right number and kinds of features to interact with your cam model and enjoy their show.

It’s pretty sweet.

The chat menu works pretty much like all other DM chat rooms out there, which won’t require you to adjust too much. There’s a button to select and add emojis to your messages, a button to change the font of the text, and the most interesting public chat room feature, the eye icon, allows you to set your messages to private.

That means only the cam model can see what you type…

As with most public chat rooms, the cam model works using a tip-based system here, which you send with a simple click of a button. I love how organized everything is. Instead of putting the cam model’s trick menu right on the chat section, which looks junky as hell, Jerkmate provides their models with a dedicated gold menu section.

You also get to see some other “perks” here, which all depend on the cam model, and they advertise it through the chat section of the room.

You should know that Jerkmate charges $1 for 1 gold across the board, regardless of the cam model. So, it’s definitely much pricier than other live cam sites out there who charge as low as $0.05 for a token or the equivalent in-site currency they’re using.

Jerkmate isn’t cheap.

If you’re feeling generous and just want to give your live sex cam performer some tips without exchanging them for some sweet-ass tricks, you have a couple of options. The bottom portion of their chat rooms, regardless if they’re public or private (more on this later), have buttons that let you send quick tips that range from 1 to 5 gold (or, $1 to $5).

Extra generous mood? You can also send tips using the “give gold” button, which sends you to a pop-up window that allows you to key in however much gold you want to give your chosen cam model.

Additionally, there’s a section that allows you to add your chosen cam model to your “favorites” list, along with options to let you join their fan club or send a private message.

Having enjoyed the public show, I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t get that missing half chub I lost earlier during the account setup process. Of course, I didn’t want to end the night without—umm—consummating my hard-on.

So, it was time for the main course: let’s get private!

Private Jerkmate Live Shows

Jerkmate gives you a couple of options if you want to catch your girl in a private setting.

First, there’s the private show option, which allows you to see your cam model one-on-one. However, other users’ chat messages can still get through, which means there’s a chance your chosen cam model might not direct her undivided attention towards you, as she reads and answers other people’s messages.


The other option is going on an EXCLUSIVE show, which is as private as private chats go. Here, it’s just you and the cam model exclusively: no distractions, no bullshit. But, yeah, Jerkmate’s going to gouge you 10 bucks a minute for one of these.

Not to mention, the private shows, which cost $4.99 a minute might not be the priciest out there. However, they’re more middle of the road rates compared to other cam sites, so it’s not necessarily a cheap camming option.

And that’s pretty much the base, per-minute rate on Jerkmate, too: some other cam models charge as high as $7 for a private show and more for an exclusive one. So, yeah, you have to get ready to spend some money if you want to cam for long periods of time here.

Not wanting to get gouged and just needing my live cam fix, I went ahead and chose to go on a private chat with this tattooed, big titty fairy I was watching. And I have to say, it was well worth the price of admission.

First off, you get additional chat features in private:

Aside from the ones you get in the public rooms (like changing font and setting chat to private), private sex chat rooms on Jerkmate have additional buttons that allow you to: 

  • Cam-2-cam
  • Share audio via microphone
  • Make a direct phone call

It’s also nice that if you’re unfamiliar with the buttons, the chat room automatically provides you with a quick description of their functions when you hover your cursor over them.

Organized to the T.

Now, I won’t get into too much detail about my experience with the private show, but I’ll say this: it was quite enjoyable in spite of the rather pricey rates the site and the models charge for private cams.

Just to give you an idea, though, I felt like playing an adult version of the “how many ____ can you fit in your mouth” game for my private show, and my chosen cam girl obliged.


Jerkmate vs Other Cam Sites: Is It Worth Visiting?

Jerkmate is a live cam site that’s much better in some categories compared to other platforms out there, but is worse in other respects.

On one hand, I absolutely loved how clean and organized the overall look of the chat rooms are, not to mention that the shows and the models aren’t just fun, but make an effort to engage their viewers as well.

I was fortunate to find the right cam model and the private show was amazing: aside from the delicious performance my chosen cam girl did, she actually put all her focus on me during the show, even when she didn’t have to. Again, Jerkmate private shows still allow your model to chat with other viewers; they just don’t see what you’re seeing on cam.

This is much better from other sites I’ve checked where most models don’t even give you the option to go on private cams. Other sites have models that focus primarily on either just getting nude without connecting with their audiences, or they just chat and that’s it.

Again, Jerkmate for the win.

On the other hand, the signup process to Jerkmate was frustrating. In this respect, other live cam sites like Chaturbate or MyFreeCams have the edge. Those don’t even ask you for a free account; they just let it rip right from the get-go.

The sign-up annoyance aside…

I’d say that Jerkmate is worth visiting compared to other live cam sites out there if you’re looking for quality private shows. Although they’re pricier than most other per-minute rates elsewhere, you’d find—like I did—that it’s worth the price.

Additionally, Jerkmate is something I’d recommend if you want a streamlined, convenient way to watch live cams. It just doesn’t have that trashy, dated feel when it comes to their rooms; it’s something that most other live cam sites fail to accomplish.

Sweet Bonus Feature: Pro Porn Star Cams

As far as I know, Jerkmate is the only live sex cam site that has this particular service that lets you watch mainstream adult entertainment stars go on live cam shows.

So tempting.

Unfortunately, no one was doing any shows at the time, but I was able to discover a few things about this service:

  • Tip-based in a public chat room
  • No private show option. Bummer
  • Jerkmate posts a porn star schedule
  • Free pre-recorded performances available

My Jerkmate Conclusion

If nothing else, Jerkmate is perhaps one of the most “professional-looking” live cam sites that I’ve ever checked out. The search filters on this platform are some of the best I’ve used, which allowed me to find the perfect model to watch.

The overall quality of the models that I’ve checked are top-notch, with the ability to both entertain and engage their viewers. Yes, the private shows are pricey, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a good time going on one.

I sincerely hope that the signup process kerfuffle was an isolated case; it might put off new users.

Apart from that flaw, though, Jerkmate provides an overall pleasant live cam experience. So much so, that I was able to cream my jeans and spend that chub in all the right ways.

Sign up today and enjoy!

My Jerkmate Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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