• "Eighteen" by Severed Heads, remixed by "Warhol Slave," from LARD MOTEL/SUCCELNT online remixes (no date)We haven't the faintest idea who Warhol Slave is, or how he/she/it/they came to remix this Severed Heads track, which was sent to us by our nephew Jeb in Kentucky. But who cares. We at Uncle LD's Tree House always say "Kentucky" in a fake, snotty Mancunian accent in homage to the lower primate who played Shaun Ryder in Michael Winterbottom's 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE. Someday soon we'll play "4–Wheel Drive" by Severed Heads, which is a happy little song about the joys of running people over in your sleep, all–terrain vehicle. Maybe that was the inspiration for Lizzie Grubman? Hmmm, is a pattern emerging?

  • "Grown Up Girls" by Eurythmics from "There Must Be an Angel" 12–inch (RCA, 1985) If anyone can translate the French in this song, please let your poor old Uncle know. Whatever she's saying it's probably elegantly cruel—or vice versa. When we were children living in the southern hinterlands, we used to beg various DJs (all dead now!) to play this for us. That was when people actually danced. Finallyfinallyfinally this sublime b–side is available on CD, as a bonus track on the reissued BE YOURSELF TONIGHT ALBUM. And we probably don't need to tell you, dear one, that IN THE GARDEN, Eurythmics' divine debut (yes, there were around prior to "Sweet Dreams") is also finallyfinallyfinally available on domestic CD. Oh, Connie Plank! Oh, Clem Burke! Oh, Oh, Oh!


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