The Gathering of the Juggalos Attracts Some New Gawkers in 2011

Down With the Clown?

The Gathering of the Juggalos Attracts Some New Gawkers in 2011
Joey Utsler (Shaggy) and Joe Bruce (Violent J) in the tour bus

Violent J places his hand on Shaggy 2 Dope's upper-left thigh. It's a remarkably affectionate gesture for a rapper who last night told Charlie Sheen to call him if the derailed actor ever needed anyone bumped off. Shaggy jumps. "Stop that, man!" He'd just been talking about how the police were "the biggest gang in the world," but now looks at us. "Jesus Christ, he's been touching me all weekend."

The photographer I’m working with, Igor, and I are sitting on Insane Clown Posse’s tour bus, the evil harlequins’ temporary dressing room that’s parked backstage for the duration of the lifelong friends’ psycho-porn carnival-concert retreat, the Gathering of the Juggalos. This is the 12th year that the Detroit band’s label Psychopathic Records has organized the Gathering, a family reunion for the underground nexus of likeminded rejects, blue-collar misfits, and disenfranchised kids who’ve found themselves united by the “most hated band in the world” and the word "Juggalo." It’s also the fifth that the event has been held at the privately owned HogRock Ranch & Campgrounds in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, and another year that lifelong friends Joey Utsler (Shaggy) and Joe Bruce (Violent J) will swear they don’t personally turn a profit from the wooded fun-house retreat. (“Most of the money that we do make, we put right back into Psychopathic, as opposed to going out and buying Lamborghinis and fucking sports cars,” insists Shaggy.) Except for the noticeable absence of Club Lotus, a velvet-roped campsite-turned-Juggalo Studio 54, everything inside the 115-acre illicit carnival seems the same as last year—contraband for sale, boobs for miles, spider-legged braids, topless moms, dilated pupils pooled in facepaint. But a lot has changed outside the gates.

Thanks to Saturday Night Live spoofs, the group's accidental viral-video genius, and a globally referenced incident where ICP fans pelted fame-slut Tila Tequila with garbage onstage here last year, Insane Clown Posse are no longer seen as fetid not-in-our-backyard trash but as a novelty-shop curio. In April, after six or seven years when no Manhattan venue would book them, they headlined New York City for the first time in ages. In June, they announced that Charlie Sheen would act as a Gathering host. VH1 approached ICP about filming a reality show (think Hogan Knows Best meets The Housegirlfriends of Psychopathic Records), which they've thus far declined. (You'll be happy to know that they attended these VH1 meetings in face paint.)

Flavor Flav, Violent J, Mystikal
Nate "Igor" Smith
Flavor Flav, Violent J, Mystikal
One of these things is not like the other
Nate 'Igor' Smith
One of these things is not like the other


This national attention has boosted Gathering of the Juggalos’ external visibility from off-the-grid misfit toyland to American meme safari. Last year, there were about ten media representatives milling about for the entire weekend; this year, the press-badge list mushroomed to more than 50 outlets, everywhere from Fuse to “uh, my friend’s blog” to Deadspin, which sent a female reporter posing as a Juggalo. Separately, there is a sprinkle of white-collar randoms who’re excited to purchase narcotics in a place where no one knows their names. There’s a well-dressed couple gallivanting about, hands on hips, kicking up a cloud of silent snark. There’re a few facial expressions that betray an unnerving classism.

You would think ICP would be suspicious of this tourism. But Shaggy, sucking on his electronic cigarette in the tour bus, doesn't seem bothered. "We've been doing this for how long, with no recognition and whatnot. So getting a bit of curiosity seekers, I think it's kinda cool, whether they"—he means the observers—"like it or not."

Insane Clown Posse does care deeply about what the Juggalos think about this. So much that the two men devoted more than 10 minutes of their annual hour-long ICP seminar, a state-of-the-Psychopathic-union address with poop references and STD jokes, to defending their willingness to work with the mainstream media. "Juggalos should be in the news because Juggalos are news," Violent J told them. “They're not like Deadheads, they're not like hippies, they're not like Jimmy Buffet's motherfucking Parrotheads!” He was insistent. "This is not a fanbase. Juggalos are a movement, they are a way of life.”

It may be business rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean these guys don’t believe it. This year, a Juggalo steals a press pass, fibs his way past backstage security, and busts into club-cartoon Lil Jon’s tour bus. At any other American music festival, this would be grounds for immediate expulsion; here, the offender gets his laminate taken away and shooed off. Among the crew, there’s an unspoken understanding that Joe Bruce would be upset to learn that a Juggalo got kicked out of this place, especially for something like circumnavigating exclusivity.

What about when tourists become impostors? There's a reporter here pretending to be a Juggalo. "That's stupid," scoffs Shaggy in disbelief, back on the bus. "You just come as yourself and you're cool. Ain't no use in some 'undercover' work, that's just silly to me."

Violent J can't even comprehend this. “I’ve never even heard of that,” he says very seriously. “If you would dress up and act like what a Juggalo would act like, you must find Juggalos very interesting. You know what I'm saying?” I do. "It's not even something that you say, I'm not a Juggalo no more or I am a Juggalo—it's just, we've always been," he says. Hanging a key around your neck doesn't make you a latchkey kid. "It's just a word. To describe a certain type of person. I never really thought about it, but I guess you can dress like a Juggalo or act like a Juggalo." He seems crestfallen. "I guess I don't have an opinion on that."

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Lisa Vaughn
Lisa Vaughn

This was my first time to attend the GATHERING it most certainly wont be my last!!!I went on the intentions to see BIG B and KOTTONMOUTH KINGS when I went to the I.C.P. signing tent Shaggy was putting off so much great positive energy I was honored to get the autograph!!! I met alot of kind -funny-interesting people and made alot of new friends!This will be something i will attend every year----I have been to a dead show back in 95--i have also attended many rock and music festivals---this is alot different than any of that!!! To know what i mean you would have to attend and exsperience it for yourself! Im already making plans for next year!!! WHOOP-WHOOP!!!



Out of all the bloggers and writers and reporters, you're the only one that's touched on the phenomena of the "hipster" media being there this year, walking around acting like they're better than everyone, taking incriminating pictures and posting them all over the internet to make fun of people, referring to the juggalos as some kind of inhuman species to be mocked and dissected in their writings, and so on. It's disheartening to say the least, because these people truly do lack love and acceptance. They think we're all idiots and drug addicts, and in doing so, they miss the whole point of the space that Psychopathic creates. They miss the message. And, although it is far from me to judge anyone, they suffer for it. It is all about love and freedom. It's about empowerment. Yet these writers try to steal our power and spread lies. To them, we are the scum of the earth.

For instance, this year I had a "reporter" saying she was running a "juggalo spelling bee" (obviously to make fun of the fact that some juggalos just aren't "book smart" by any means and make herself feel superior to this). First off, spelling isn't a sign of intelligence, nor is the ability to pay for a fancy college degree. Second off, I'm an editor at a major publishing company and, yes, a juggalo. When she asked me to spell "pizza" I told her I'd have her job. I told her I make more in a day than she does in a year. Why would she judge me to have the vocabulary of a fifth grader just because I enjoy communing with the family for a week? We are a network, the intricacy of which she knows nothing about. She is a tourist. And she is lost in more ways than one. But I digress..

The old school juggalos--we really don't like the media attention and the press. And our theory on it is like this: if you aren't a juggalo, if you aren't there to have fun and enjoy the music and general freshness--to enjoy each other--you have no business at the gathering. Get the f*ck out. Because you are throwing the vibe off it's axis and making yourself look foolish. And we as fans understand that ICP needs publicity for the new record. They have no private jets. And everyone's gotta eat. We just have to find a good balance of publicity and respectfulness/privacy. We're still working at it. We will come out golden in the end.

Don't get me wrong here, though, Camille. I like your articles. Out of everyone, you've done the best job and have been the most respectful. You are thoughtful, sensitive, and you genuinely do seem to care about the people you write about. Hold on to that. Don't let that go.

Just a reminder to continue having respect and love in all forums, whether next year finds you at the gathering or not.



This is a great article, really enjoyed reading it. I LoL'ed at the part where the Ninja told the TSA agents about Shaggy and then they rescanned his luggage :-D. I'll see ya @ next year's Gathering!


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if your not a posuer wear a small hatchetman necklace.they make small ones for females or those choosing to be a little more descret.our family crest is the hatchetman pretty sure thats what J was asking of you.hatchet gear sells little 1inch ones.get one and walk the walk instead of talking the talk.thats what i think he meant.mcl,ddj

Steven Lb
Steven Lb

Thank you for your honest and in depth reporting on this. Many went, got their stories about the drug bridges, exaggerated Sheen getting pelted and left.


Yep these guys are more nice and smart than the medias and silly detractors try to portray people (juggalos or not) know who are actually the stupid ones..and it is certainly not Joe and Joey..


At first, I read " drug brides" and thought - wtf? A new Juggalo sub-sub culture? I wanted to know more about these chubby, outcast, misfit druggy brides..Oh well..

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