The 11 Most Infuriating Songs of 2011

More reasons to turn off the radio

1. Jessie J, "Price Tag." The year's most grueling pop personality was this British yelper, who's still trying to replicate Perry's Brute Force Path to Pop Stardom; born Jessica Cornish, she'd change her name to Wrigley's Spearmint Gum if she thought it would get her more notice. Over a lite-reggae beat that is apparently supposed to underscore the lyrics' "chilled-out" vibe, Jessie barks out platitudes about how she just wants to make the world dance, and damn the capitalist pigs for being all interested in things like returns on investments. If her record label hadn't spent so much time and money ensuring that she was promoting her grating, hollow album Who You Are (Universal Republic) in any venue that would have her—the MTV Video Music Awards, VH1 Divas Live, your mom's birthday party—the "Screw money, let's party" sentiment might seem merely misguided, a tone-deaf attempt to capitalize on the bubbling anxiety about the lousy economy. But in the context of Jessie J's assault, it's downright offensive, least of all because of how she's once again trying her damndest to ingratiate herself into a crowd of people who could not care less.

Rihanna is bringing sexy back.
Courtesy Def Jam
Rihanna is bringing sexy back.

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