Antony Goes Into the Light

The singer brings his singular vision to Radio City

During Swanlights, Antony will be backed by a 60-piece orchestra as he performs selections from his back catalog. The arrangements were crafted by the likes of Johnsons guitarist/violinist Rob Moose, Rufus Wainwright arranger Maxim Moston, and frequent Antony collaborator Nico Muhly. The performance will also serve as a homecoming for one of New York City's superlative musical forces. Antony took the name of his group from that of African American transgender street activist Marsha P. Johnson—who herself took her surname from the restaurant on 42nd Street where she used to turn tricks—and seeing the group's name on the Radio City marquee gives him a certain amount of pride. "Seeing our name at Radio City, I don't see me, I only see 'Johnsons.' I see Marsha P. Johnson: street transvestite, prostitute, revolutionary; I see Stonewall riots. For me, it's so meaningful to bring Marsha's heritage to somewhere like Radio City to present it. The future dream is this." He considers the weight of this moment for both his muse and for himself. "I am as American as it gets."

'As American as it gets': Antony
Jan Erik Svendsen
'As American as it gets': Antony

Location Info


Radio City Music Hall

1260 Sixth Ave.
New York, NY 10020

Category: Music Venues

Region: West 40s

Antony & the Johnsons' perform Swanlights on Thursday at Radio City Music Hall.

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