Endless Boogie Don't Have Their Shit Together

The LES veterans are old, lazy, and the best Kraut Southern rock band in NYC

Like its jamfare predecessors Focus Level (2008) and Full House Head (2010), Long Island—with standout chugger "Taking Out the Trash" as the should-be-hit—is zero-pretense masculine rock.

But Eklow remains unsure what niche Boogie fit into. "I don't think we belong to any genre, really," says Eklow. "We're definitely not a stoner rock band or psychedelic. We're not a garage band, either. But we love all these things. The only thing that we set out to do was we wanted to play like the Groundhogs or something. We wanna be a heavy rock band, but we're a little too inept for that."

Major digs at least one descriptor of Endless Boogie's racket. "A number of people who actually said something about us, and I was like 'Okay, that made sense' is we're like Kraut Southern rock." The Swedish-born Eklow agrees. "Yeah. A little bit. Because I'm European, I add the Kraut, but then I pretend I'm American and play Southern rock."

Endless Boogie: (From left to right) Fuck Yeah, These Dudes, Rule!
Shawn Brackbill
Endless Boogie: (From left to right) Fuck Yeah, These Dudes, Rule!

Endless Boogie plays the Cameo Gallery on Friday, February 15, to celebrate the release of Long Island (No Quarter).

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