Beware the Vinyl Bubble

[Spring Guide 2014]

"Due to digital sourcing and bad pressings, almost no new music is worth buying on vinyl -- they're just big, crackly sounding CDs," says veteran reissue producer Andy Zax. "All survivors of the 1980s' 'CDs good! Vinyl bad!' groupthink should view 2014's 'Vinyl good! CDs bad!' mindset with equivalent skepticism."

Given the event's obvious popularity, though, perhaps it is time for Record Store Day (or the labels feeding it releases) to pluralize the event into more populist, less blood-pressure-increasing gatherings. Record Store Day's Black Friday events are disqualified for obvious reasons. Until then, collectors of Zax's persuasion might simply want to save money for less frenetic events, like the annual WFMU Record Fair (May 30-June 1 at the 69th Regiment Armory), and spend time visiting with their friendly local record store clerks on days when it's less crazy.

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Dan Grossman
Dan Grossman

If the used vinyl is too expensive, you're shopping at the wrong stores. The new stuff is ridiculously overpriced because corporate labels decided to cash in on the vinyl resurgence.

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

This is a worthless article. Next.


I don't feel like such an anti-vinyl pariah now that I've read this. I don't know what the thrill is to pay $25 for a new vinyl record that you hafta get up from your sofa and flip over or pray no one stomps their feet on the floor to make the needle jump. Vinyl sucked in the 1970s and 1980s and it sucks now.

Call me when the millennials start hyping 8-track tapes. I have a few dozen I'd like to sell them for $50.

Andrew Bowers
Andrew Bowers

At the last WFMU record fair, the average price of a used LP was $20! That's ridiculous. It's, you know, USED! The market is definitely in a bubble.

Suzanne Williams
Suzanne Williams

I still have over 900 LPs and listen to them almost every day. Nothing against new formats, just love my vinyl!

Mike Hoover
Mike Hoover

A backlash against the resurgence of vinyl? Is there any bigger thrill than downloading new music from itunes to your music folder and blasting it through your Dell speakers?

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

Anything that encourages people to purchase vinyl records while supporting all remaining record stores is a good thing. Yawn on your "vinyl bubble" bs.

Doug Hooper
Doug Hooper

Get back to me when we start having Pinball Machine Day & we'll see how it goes.

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