Daniel Reich moves to grown-up white-box digs, but the inaugural show, “Magnetic Living,” has as much ditzy exuberance and fresh energy as his apartment shows had. Recent Cooper Union grads Nick Mauss and Shelby Hughes get props for this ramshackle latter-day hippie-punk-funk installation, which has intimations of a cultish rock garden, a club-kids’ campsite, and suburban do-it-yourself-ism. Suffusing the gallery with fog, ferns, tents, drawings, and assorted craftsy things made of glass, twine, fabric, wood, clay, brass, beads, fabric, and milkweed, as well as a percussive ambient soundtrack, their show’s “totally gnarly” (in the words of one of their upbeat titles). And it segues seamlessly into Christian Holstad’s cutout wallpaper-covered tributes to rebel spirits, Jack Smith and Nina Simone among them. These may stick to the walls, but they look like nothing else. “It’s almost, like, spiritual in a way,” ventures Reich. Well, sort of. You could say they’re embodiments of some kind of post-new-age frenetic meditation.