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Tangomania moves and sings, darts and twists, backed by a spicy band led by master bandoneon player and arranger Raul Jaurena, and including a pianist, violinist, bassist, and guitarist.

Two dramatic singers and three dancing couples heat up the stage with heart-wrenching vocals and fancy footwork that take us from tango’s birthplace in Buenos Aires to its invasion of Paris and New York, then back to its Argentine roots. The two-hour performance is a mini musical, really, its plot involving a metaphorical love triangle with all of the fixings—infatuation, passion, jealousy, loneliness, and nostalgia. The lovers, Marga Mitchell and Miguel Angel Montiel, moonlight as the songbirds and seem to personify the tumultuous history of the European and American love affair with tango, and Argentina’s push to bring the dance back home where its tradition is revived and celebrated, and innovative forms embraced. Choreographer and dancer Mariana Parma fuses quick and intricate foot patterns with a tinge of sexiness. Performed with precision, they flicker and flash across the stage of the very small theater.