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As a logical follow-up to a theatrical year full of onstage chefs and cooking, the Colleagues Theater Company, which creates work for actors in their “golden age,” is presenting the stage equivalent of a buffet: Tasting Memories, a brief, snack-like evening of songs, poems, and prose tidbits about food and eating. Framed by Proust dipping literature’s most celebrated cookie into his tea, the show chases bagels with David Ignatow, chomps onion sandwiches in Spain with Hemingway, picks cherries with Colette’s mother, and has another cup of coffee with Irving Berlin. It’s a nouvelle cuisine approach: modest portions and an often eccentric combination of ingredients. One could wish for a heartier meal, if only because the cast features a rotating banquet of elder actors who constitute a Golden Age in the other, classic sense of the phrase. On opening night, they included Philip Bosco, Alvin Epstein, Tammy Grimes, and the 93-year-old Kitty Carlisle Hart, who feasted on three of the evening’s five songs with a relish that made her seem well below retirement age.