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Over a month ago the new L.E.S. bar the Delancey got off to an almost Altamont-like debut—overzealous security started throwing down on patrons, leaving the new club with an instant bad reputation. The negative PR has since subsided, and the Delancey’s now a downtown favorite. It resembles Williamsburg bar Red and Black; the same owners utilized a similar design: tall black walls, a fireplace, sleek glass-and-metal lighting fixtures, and low-lit ambience. What makes it different are several off-to-the-side lounge areas, three floors with plenty of room to boogie, and a relaxing rooftop oasis: An exotic koi pond with frog fountains is surrounded by potted ferns and palms and a great view of the Willy-B Bridge. DJs play most nights to a sea of wall-to-wall hipsters (of the young, fashionista, and indie-rock variety), who make it difficult to get around. Bands take over on Monday nights, attracting large crowds as well. On a recent mellow Tuesday night, the place was quite chill, hosted by a friendly and perky bartender who was suggesting we check out her Fruit Roll-Up drink ($7)—a sweet-and-sour concoction of mango rum, cranberry juice, and Rose’s lime juice. It’s a great vibe when the place is not too packed, but mellow is not what draws the kiddies.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 20, 2004

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