Hobbled Choreographer’s Video Games Deconstruct the Mechanics of Dancing


Cathy Weis’s A Lecture on Walking offered more than a lecture. Humor superseded seriousness as she and Jennifer Miller explained Weis’s relationship with her multiple sclerosis, illustrated by a dual image projected on a large rear screen. Miller, her bearded counterpart, pranced, scurried, and spun in Weis’s slow wake, as video (on a TV monitor surfing through the audience) highlighted Weis’s animated face. Launching jokes, swinging her hips to a musical mix, and candidly discussing her disability, Weis revealed how her perception of movement has shifted since her diagnosis a decade ago. Dividing her attention between camera and audience, she was brilliant—listening, watching, and dancing, crafting articulate projections of her body. Then she switched roles, camera in hand, and framed Miller, producing a fluid virtual figure on the screen. Technical setups, sometimes mesmerizing, struggled to gel. Weis experiments in performance, leaving room for error; she often surprises both us and herself.

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