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Wisely, the Limón Dance Company doesn’t confine its repertory to classics by its founder but extends its welcome to like-minded choreographers. That, according to the group’s director, Carla Maxwell, means “work that starts from a human emotional impulse and becomes dramatic dance theater, even when there’s no story.” The current season at the Joyce features Extreme Beauty, a quintet for women choreographed by Susanne Linke, a singular German performer and dance maker who can trace her artistic ancestry directly to the legendary Expressionists Mary Wigman and Kurt Jooss. Though the new dance tells no story, its charged subtext grapples subtly and wittily with the influence on women of dictates about their mode of dress. As Maxwell says, “Susanne works from the inside out, striving for nuance and depth. The process is like a metamorphosis.” It’s no coincidence that the piece stars Roxane D’Orleans Juste, who embodies these qualities perfectly. Viewers immune to such concerns will be diverted by costumes ranging from black stretch-jersey sheaths recalling early Martha Graham to a bridal tiara that could double as a crown of thorns.