Tripping the Video Fantastic in the Tracks of an Ageless Sprite


Yves Musard has performed in New York since 1979, but in silhouette he can be mistaken for a child, so winsome are his carriage and aura. In Galaxie Pearl, he flitted through the St. Mark’s sanctuary, tracing circles and diamond shapes in a stiff-legged prance, arranging himself in poses with a yogic intensity. He toyed shadow puppet-style with a cobbled street, one of Kimberly Simpson’s many projected videoscapes of Paris, New York, and Marseilles. David Watson’s intriguing sound ranged from distant rumblings and blips to the aural assault of a live bagpipe. Guests performed solos in a final section that capped a long program in need of editing. Sally Silvers made daredevil maneuvers confined in a cone of light. Musard began and ended the concert by wiggling a red rope, one end in each hand, implying that every action has a consequence to be considered.

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