Cam’Ron: Killa Season Has Begun



Cam’Ron Press Conference: Highlights
Tribeca Theatres
January 25

The Dude Next To Me. Kept farting. Wouldn’t stop. Did the thing where he opens his legs so much that he cut into the leg space of both people next to him. Farted five times.

The “Get ‘Em Daddy (Remix)” Music Video. They kept screening this on the projector to pass the time, which, for better or worse, led me to the realization that “Get ‘Em Daddy (Remix),” which features a bunch of dudes hanging out in the rain, standing on tops of buildings and rapping, is the Dipset version of P.O.D.’s “Youth of the Nation.”

Killa Season Movie Trailer. Five or so minutes long, wherein the Dipset crew are rolling dice in a back alley that has access to an enormous flood light. Cam in voiceover introduces the cast of characters: Juelz is the gambling referee–“I love that nigga”–and has a piece of paper jammed up his nose (nose bleeds); Tyrell (sp?)–“He’s like the hood internet”; Hell Rell, no lie, is wearing a bucket hat.

Cam’s turn to roll, he obviously wins. But when he’s collecting money a dude who bet $50 said he only bet $20 (since Susan Blond screened the preview four times in a row too, it was obvious that said dude had bet $50, a detail that speaks to Killa Season‘s potential replay value). That guy gets huffy, Cam says he’s out and moves out of the group, then comes back and slams a bottle of Sizzurp over the guys head, kicks him, then pisses on him– “no homo.” Cut to the rest of the trailer: lots of COPS-style teasers, lots of punching and a pretty hilarious scene where Cam throws a guy into the trunk of a car, then pours into the trunk a box of rats.

Says Cam, the movie’s going to be 10 parts–about growing up in Harlem, trafficking heroin, a mixture of Boyz In The Hood and Menace 2 Society, on the East Coast.

Upcoming Diplomats Projects. The movie comes out April 25, the soundtrack album comes out May 9, there’s a tour that starts March 27, JR Writer’s full-length comes out June 27, Hell Rell’s comes out Independence Day, Cam’s launching, which will screen music videos and let you buy new Dipset merch, there’s something called Platinum they’re also doing which I think might be another drink or some sort of essay-writing service, also there’s going to be a DVD about child molestation, raising awareness about all the “perverts out there”: “The DVD is gonna be crazy.”

Jay-Z etc., etc., etc.. MTVnews got Jay-Z to talk, and really that’s what people wanted to hear now, not Cam analyze his own motivations for dropping the record or share his battle plan. Honestly, didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about it much more either: “I’m not gonna keep beating up on an old man.”

Interesting, he doesn’t think “Gotta Love It” was a dis track, Cam. He was just “telling it like it is” apparently: “If I say someone looks like a camel, he looks like a camel.” He encouraged everyone to go back to the track and find something that wasn’t true.

Didn’t want to talk about the diamond being thrown up–actually got caught in a huge contradiction when somebody asked him about the hold-up, whether it was random or premeditated. Also shared that he might have to go to jail for 30 days if he fails to comply with DC cops–he’s refused to talk about the shooting, provide details of the shooters, etc.

As for whether the dis was a publicity stunt, Cam was quick to point out that Killa Season hits in four months, not in a month, and “I don’t need a publicity stunt–I’m me.” He didn’t really talk too much about whether he wants Jay-Z to reply or not, since again it’s not a dis, or in other words: “I flew the plane into the towers. Do what you’re gonna do.” Silence.

Biter vs. writer, Cam spoke on it, but didn’t articulate a good line except to admit he used to steal from the greats too–“I fell into a pattern of thinking that was cool”–and when he did it, he was trying to throw the lines back on the original artist, not just ride them for himself, and definitely doesn’t have eight minutes of examples. People over here might disagree.

Boring Rap Politics Stuff. Juelz not allowed in the Def Jam building; Jay-Z’s Charli Baltimore thing; Jay signing Nas and how that’s a good look for Jay; how Cam didn’t have a physical relationship with Beyonce; Jay’s sales records with Young Gunz and Memphis Bleek, and how they pale next to all of LA Reid’s numbers; in general about how Jay-Z is overrated, given too much credit as a businessman (Cam credits his appearance on Rap City, when he said Jay was a good businessman, as the inspiration for “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”), etc. Fair enough?

One Thing Jon Caramanica Noticed. Cam was wearing Rocawear boxers.