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Quick Hits – 3/17/2009


Who needs baseball? Models don’t get labrum tears.

An Obama Fried Chicken in Harlem. An ODB mural defaced in BedStuy. Change is in the streets!

Free corned beef! But after all that Guinness, who can eat?

New York’s amateur drinkers may get a little rowdy today, but they’ll have to hustle to beat the souses of Beacon, New York, where last weekend 300 pub-crawlers got in a brawl.

Legal Antics wonders about a colleague’s professional judgement.

Tax-exempt charities aren’t supposed to contribute to political campaigns, but some have anyway.

“I admired ‘Nails’ as a ballplayer,” says one commenter. “I had no idea he harbored such hateful feelings for African Americans, gays and women.”



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