Jim Carrey Movie ‘Too Gay’ For Release?


Crazily enough, the movie I Love You, Phillip Morris, in which Jim Carrey plays a real-life man who’s mad for the title character portrayed by Ewan McGregor, might not get a theatrical release in the US because people are too squeamish about a gay sex scene in it.

What could be so awful–does Adam Sandler try to join them, still pretending to be gay from the rotten I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?

Well, Lewis Tice, who does p.r. and marketing for TLA Video, saw the film, and told me what he got from it:

    “The scene is not shocking in the sense that any body parts are actually revealed–both actors are nude, but the way the scene is shot, no pickle is on display. The surprising part is that the ‘bottom’ is this muscle, bearish type, who is on all fours, getting a really hard pounding by Carey. It was mostly the tone and my perception of Carey as an actor, just because I never looked at Carey in a sexual manner and he was so dedicated to giving it to the muscle-bear and the sexual tone was authentic, it caught me off guard. I eventually got over it and I think Carey is convincingly fantastic in the film. But I think most folks are used to seeing Ewan McGregor naked and engaging in man-on-man sex, but Carey, not so much. So more power to him for going there.”

Say what? They held the pickle and it’s still too much for America to take? Would they have preferred a pig bottom rather than a bear bottom? Or maybe if at least one of them had done a Brokeback and tragically died? In any case, this film’s DVD release will certainly give me a release.

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