Miss California Banned From Competing in Miss Fag Hag Pageant


That’s the funny title of a press release that went out promoting the Miss Fag Hag Pageant–a procession of real-life Will and Graces at Comix (353 W. 14 St.) on Sunday May 17, which will feature 10 fruit fly contestants and their tres-gay boyfriends.

Says the email, “In lieu of a contender who only supports ‘opposite marriage,’ pageant producers Paul Case and Shawn Hollenbach are presenting 10 contestants representing their gayborhoods fighting for the title of Miss Fag Hag. The candidates will compete in categories including:

— Evening Wear

— Fabulous Talent

— Presenting Her Gay in a Swimsuit

— And Sassy Question & Answer

It is our belief that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, may not compete in our pageant…These gals would love to see us walk down any aisle. The only isle we’d like to see Prejean on is Rikers!” Haha, that’s perfect. At Riker’s, Prejean would be finally forced to think more about pre-cum than pre-nups.

By the way, the judges for this illustrious event are:

Caroline Rhea, Michael Musto, Hedda Lettuce, and Katina Corrao.

If you saw my name in there, you weren’t the least bit hallucinating. So come on down and cheer on me and the hags!

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