MTA: Expect Even Worser Service, and Maybe No Trains at Night


You know those MTA service cuts we were promised along with the new fare hikes as part of the Doomsday Fun-Pak? Well, the Authority’s executive director just announced they’ll be even worse and may include the end of all-night subway service. “I’m not sure the English language captures what goes beyond doomsday,” Elliot Sander tells the Times, “but to me, as a transit professional, as a citizen and a user of the system, they are just unbelievably difficult and I think some would view them as horrific.” He lays this at the feet of Albany, which just punted another session on the problem, and so does the MTA chairman H. Dale Hemmerdinger, who calls the legislators’ delays “ludicrous.”

Albany leadership says they’re just trying to corral the needed votes for their plan. At a press conference on the subject, the Post says, “[Governor] Paterson appeared upbeat.” Maybe he didn’t see the hundreds of protesters who hollered for the state senate to do something quick, before we can’t have any more protests because we have no way to get home afterwards. Photo (cc) Runs With Scissors.