Coup in Review: Judge to Rule Monday, Dems Haggle with Monserrate, Espada Burglarized


We have to wait till Monday to see what John Law has to say about the Albany coup: in state supreme court this morning, Judge Thomas McNamara said the legal dispute between insurgent Republicans, who say they took power legally, and displaced Democrats, who contend otherwise and wish to block them, would be decided in advance of a 3 p.m. hearing on June 14.

The judge seems to be leaning the Republicans’ way, but said he hopes the two sides can come to a resolution before he has to make a ruling.

The only resolution the Democrats seem to seek now, however, is one between themselves and insurgent Democrat Hiram Monserrate, with whom they are negotiating to break the deadlock. Liz Benjamin has heard that Monserrate is aggrieved by the loss of his $12,500 chairmanship stipend pending a resolution of his trial for attacking his girlfriend with a broken glass. If this issue is resolved, the Dems might manage a 31-31 split in the chamber, though it is uncertain what that is worth with such obviously volatile members as Monserrate.

As for coup leader and putative senate president Pedro Espada, the Bronx senator’s Mamaroneck home was reported burglarized last night — whether by ordinary crooks or by operatives looking for sensitive information pertaining to Espada’s legal residency, it has not been revealed.