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Jesus Draws First Blood in War on Christmas: AFA Approves “Unambiguous” Gap Ad


While the godless holiday ads were a novel opening for the X-in-Xmas Team in this year’s War on Christmas, the game is not afoot until someone has retrenched under pressure.

So we give a point to the Christers, as the American Family Association has announced it is “officially ending its boycott against Gap Inc.” after the company tucked tail and aired an ‘unambiguous’ Christmas ad over Thanksgiving weekend”…

AFA had been enraged that the company had “placed Christmas on the same level as Kwanzaa and the winter solstice” in a previous ad. Gap Inc. responded to pressure and, while grumbling that AFA had “embarked upon a lengthy misinformation campaign against Gap Inc,” promised that a Thanksgiving ad for Old Navy, which they own, “prominently focuses on Christmas, with the Supermodelquins proudly cheering ‘Merry Christmas’ and features Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments throughout.”

Hardcore non-idolators may be troubled that mannequins are celebrated in the ad, but the combination of magic words and consumerism was good enough for the AFA. Exulting in victory, they are now targeting Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods, who have not shown enough CHRISTmas spirit to suit them yet.

How will the X team respond? Perhaps with sneak attacks.


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