Now Directing Your Attention to “For the Moustache That You Love,” an Awesomely Named Benefit With Andrew WK and Angel Deradoorian in May


Things that good-hearted music-listening dudes and dudettes should do this week to make the world a better place:

  1. Purchase the new LCD Soundsystem record This Is Happening immediately because James Murphy explicitly asked the world not to leak it early and it’s worth every iPenny;
  2. Buy one of the few remaining tickets to Brandon Stosuy’s “Rites of Spring” event on May 2, because you simultaneously get to help Haiti and to stare (responsibly) at Björk, who will be DJing;
  3. Send guilt-inducing e-mails to Chris Knox benefit scalper Lee Shaker, who has since officially apologized for trying to make money off an event trying to help someone great felled by a stroke, but still deserves a reminder never to do such a thing again;
  4. Purchase a $10 ticket to “For the Moustache That You Love,” a Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society fundraiser at Santos Party House on May 3, starring Andrew WK on piano, Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian solo, electro-wonks Mon Khmer, and folk rockers Roadside Graves. The show’s organized by sometime SOTC contributor Scott Indrisek, who explains the sad origin behind the name over e-mail. “It comes from a very rad 1970s photo of my dad. He passed away from AML leukemia in November of last year–this event is to raise money in his honor through my brother, who is riding a 100-mile bike century this summer for the L&L Society.” Our condolences.
  5. Speaking of which, call your damn parents already.

[For the Moustache That You Love]