Counterfeit Condoms Exist and May Have Penetrated New York City


Per the New York Times City Room blog, two siblings were scheduled for sentencing today in Brooklyn for their role in running a counterfeit-smuggling ring that federal officials say was responsible for importing half a million bogus Trojan condoms, along with the usual faux-status-brand clothes, bags, and sunglasses. The hearing has been postponed as the siblings’ level of involvement is debated, but we do know that the condoms did not have the advertised spermicide, and also failed water leakage tests. Okay, this is way worse than finding out that your new Louis Vuitton clutch is something less than authentic.

Even more horrifying, a rash of fake condoms could very well lead to some reverse-Darwinian society overpopulated by people who buy their condoms from street vendors or out of the back of vans “to get a deal” while those of us who pay retail at, say, the drugstore, die out completely. Or, maybe the reverse of that, depending on whether you’re talking birth control or STD-prevention. Seems these counterfeit doohickeys are good at neither.

Anyway, this is not the first we’re hearing of fake condoms, but it hits closer to home. A few months ago, authorities raided a workshop in China where “more than two million condoms had been made in unsterile conditions, lubricated with vegetable oil, and falsely labeled with brand names like Durex and Rough Rider.” Yuck.

No word on where the Ed Hardy condom falls with regard to this new trend, but we assume it’s only a matter of time. Please, read those packages carefully before purchase, and do us all a favor — watch what you’re buying on Canal Street.