Victoria’s Secret Falls to the Scourge of Bedbugs, Gets Back Up Again


I know, it’s wrong…but it’s almost enjoyable to watch all of these places we never, ever shop (except last year, you know, to buy a Halloween costume) fall prey to bedbugs. There was Hollister, which we’ve only walked by on occasion to catch a glimpse of a nude torso…then there was Abercrombie, which we didn’t even know existed outside of malls, and now we hear via Racked that bedbugs have invaded Victoria’s Secret — specifically, the one on East 58th and Lex. Which sort of makes sense; it’s so fruit-smelly and boobalicious and silky there. If you were a bedbug, wouldn’t you go, too?

Racked expresses concern over this new bedbug-pidemic, and we admit, when the critters show their faces at our favorite undies store, we may suffer a wave of terror and itchiness, but for now, we’re just reminded of that terrible time we worked at Victoria’s Secret one summer and how they made us wear hideous pantsuits and heels while we steam-cleaned all the lingerie (see Dress Codes, Retail). And we can’t help feeling just a little bit of schadenfreude. After all, it’s Friday. But seriously, what is it that Hollister, Abercrombie, and Victoria’s Secret have in common — besides infestations, or former infestations? Let’s ponder.

If you do shop at the Secret, the store has been cleaned and reopened and this discovery is leading to bedbug testing across Victoria’s Secret stores throughout the NYC area, and maybe even in the suburbs! This is totally going to do for shopper’s rights, like, what the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire did for labor laws in America. May no one be bitten again!