Honey Davenport: New Drag Queen On The Scene!


Honey Davenport has the look, the moves, and the spirit to give the drag performance scene some zingy new energy.

And this, her virgin La Daily Musto interview, will certainly propel her to the top of Gotham’s glitterati.

Here’s how it went down:

1) Hi, Honey. What started you performing in drag?

Honey: “Well, for 4 years I traveled the world as a backup dancer for Peppermint and then I started a fierce lady boy group with my brother called the Hunties.

“One day I met RuPaul and asked her to sign my shirt ‘to the Hunties’. Instead she signed it ‘to Honey.’

“Well, my group broke up two days later and I got a call from a club asking us to perform. I needed the rent money so I agreed to the gig, but I told them that we had changed our name to Honey and the Hunties.

“After months of creating my pop star/lady boy/drag persona with my mother Deja and auntie Sahara, Honey Davenport was born.”

2) How does it feel to be pretty much the new girl on the scene?

Honey: “Amazing. It is something I never planned for.

“With a single on the way out and my second European tour in the works, I would just say that I am proof big dreams and hard work can lead to success.”

3) Speaking of hard things, what is sexy to you?

Honey: “I am so attracted to what I like to call Mr. Normal. The more I surround myself with the glamorous life, the sexier Mr. 9-to-5 becomes to me.

“I normally go for little dorky guys. Even more so if they are dorks in public who are a little kinky behind closed doors.”

(And they all are, Honey. Trust me.)

Photo courtesy of The Ultimate Drag-off

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