Another “Week of Action” Protest Movement Begins, Culminating Tuesday At Times Square


The 99 percenters’ continual assault against banks starts today with what is being dubbed another “Week of Action” (They might as well start calling it the year of action) that started yesterday with a rally at Union Square that will culminate on Tuesday with what, they say, will be a massive convergence in Times Square.

Each day has been dedicated to a different cause.

Today, they’re focusing on Homes, Jobs, and Services, and the schedule includes a rally at Rockefeller Park at 2pm, followed by a screening of “Making change at Walmart Worker’s Stories” at 7pm on 155 East 42nd Street.

Saturday’s theme focuses on food, environment and health, and it starts
with a Brooklyn Food Conference (9am, Brooklyn Tech High School),
sponsored by groups such as Food & Water Watch, Small Planet
Institute. Followed by a group bike from Union Square to Pier 54, ending
with a community garden clean up.

Sunday focuses on War, Police, Prisons, and Immigration Struggles, and
it’ll include a “mother’s day peace stroll” from the Granny Peace

Monday deals with Education & Students and will begin with a
leafleting and picketing event outside Bloomberg LP 731 at 7am, and
finishing with a, get this, stroller march–that will include, they say,
children on strollers–at 5pm on 59th and 5th.

And Tuesday is the so called Global Day of Action, a march from Bryant Park to Times Square that begins at 4pm.

The organizers released this statement regarding the Times Square march:

We are here today coming together  for  a city where
housing is a human right, a country with good jobs for all, and a world
where our basic needs are met

We are coming together for a city with healthy food for all, a
country with justice for its food workers, an for an ecologically
sustainable world

We are coming together  for a city where no child is stopped and
frisked, a country where no mother is deported, and for a world without

We are coming together for a city with quality public schools and
after school programs, a country without student debt, and a world with
free education for all

We are here in solidarity with the people of the world who fight
against the global financial system that pits people against each other
and elevates profit above all else.

We are the 99%, we believe that the liberation of one requires the liberation of all and we will fight for justice until we end the tyranny of the 1%.

Thousands of protestors are expected on Tuesday. The last time these guys occupied Times Square, back in October, it resulted in 74 arrests.