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In Praise Of Dinner Theater


I used to look down on dinner theater in my uptight city slicker way, but nowadays I’m givin’ in!

After all, it brings stagecraft to the midland masses, and to coerce them to come and enjoy a show, it provides dinner too.

And the food serving stops well before showtime, so the performers aren’t hindered by clanking silverware and slurping noises.

And there are some talented people out there.

I just saw Annie Get Your Gun at the Dutch Apple Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it was nicely pulled off by a spirited cast.

Jessica Humphrey brings spunk to the part of Annie (and it’s great to finally see someone young do the part) and Kyle Hester has creamy vocals and suavity as Frank Butler.

And Matthew Schmidt (Running Deer/Ensemble) spotted me in the audiece and tweeted about it!

What’s more, the London broil, pulled pork, baked chicken, pasta, salad bar, and ice cream table all deserve bravos.

Congrats to Dutch Apple for a well run operation that brings out lovers of shows and serving trays alike.

Get over your snobbery and give it a whirl. It’s better than Mamma Mia!–and did I mention you get dinner?