Gore Vidal Gave Me Great Clark Gable Dish


In 2006, I interviewed noted author Gore Vidal–who just died–for Out magazine.

And one of the juiciest things he relayed to me was the reason gay director George Cukor was bumped as director of the petticoats-and-brimstone classic Gone With The Wind.

Cukor had personally told Vidal that Clark Gable had been a hustler in his early days, and Cukor was one of his clients.

And that’s why the macho star demanded that Cukor be fired!

I guess he was embarrassed to be face-to-face with his old john again, let alone take orders from him.

(Or maybe he simply felt the director hadn’t tipped well enough, lol.)

Another interesting tidbit from my interview had Vidal telling me:

“I’m not a quiet little writer waiting to be recognized, all tremulous.

“I’m most pugnacious.”

No kidding.

In fact, Vidal loathed the movie of his transsexual novel Myra Breckenridge–though he admitted to me that he hadn’t even seen it.

Once, when Vidal was on a talk show, they showed a clip from it, and he literally got nauseous on live TV.

Maybe he should have had the director fired.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 2, 2012

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