Hey, Star Wars Fans: Celebrate Your Next Birthday With This Sweet R2-D2 Cake + Beverage Dispenser


Check out this R2-D2 cake from Lola May Cake Factory in the U.K. Word on the street is that it can feed 30 to 40 people.

All that droid cake will probably make you thirsty, right? Fortunately, SAD (Socially Awkward Droid) R2-D2 Productions has you covered.

From its website: “Then we found the electronic super soaker pistol, we knew that it was the perfect toy to modify. We were able to break apart its pieces to adjust the water valve it utilized to create a beverage dispenser. We were able to upscale an old protein shake, some Styrofoam pieces, and cardboard to create the body of our favorite droid, R2D2.”

For fellow Star Wars fans who want their own R2-D2 Gatorade dispenser, the team has listed out instructions on how to make the robot.